per aspera ad astra

Midnight’s contusions recede
Into the horizon’s arcane sleeve
And one by one the constellations dwindle
Into invisible ubiquitous stipple
Maligned by soon-fuchsia skies
Such a maudlin ambiance eluding
The piquant debut of dawn
Is it per aspera ad astra?
That larks recall their lilting songs
That pavements awaken
Burnished in opaque dew
And light drawn like arms
Upon the ashen awnings, again
In this eerie transition
As whiskeys missives fade
Into a malaise of familiar mistakes
And the escapades of yesterday
Wane to desolation
And errant thought collides with instinct
In those last honeyed moments
Before succeeding into sleep
I wonder—
Does he think of me?
Does his body call to mine?
To possess, to intercept, to climb
A pheromonal lullaby
Somewhere in his darkest mind
Does he pin me to the sheets
Like the wings of a butterfly?
Does he devour me in those hours?
Pleasure-eye’d at manifest
What happens when he imagines?
Do his hips lift from the mattress?
Do we kiss ourselves delirious?
Two mouths, mottled and merciless
How does it sound when he’s found
The space that makes me quake?
Does he restrain my legs
Even when I beg?
How does my skin taste?
With a hint of peonies?
Does he keep fucking me
In the scenes of his dreams?
And when will it end?
Much like the plight
Of that waning night?
Once he’s filled me
To spilling

a. duncan, 2021 •

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

3 thoughts on “per aspera ad astra

  1. When we were thinking of the options for the travels through the circle down vicious circle we considered the options and the thoughts of consideration… meant the pain was the beginning of these scars.

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