There will come a day

These words are long overdue

Yet they lack the ability to depict

The odd dichotomy stirred inside of me

The sincerity and contempt felt in absolutes

Tonight, there is pain in the pen

Then, dare I say, never again

Because there will come a day

When your beautifully terrible mind

Will realize its crimes

Despite the belief of blamelessness

In the present tense

You proclaim your innocence

With such conviction

That even a priest would baptize the fictions

Unaware of that wretched destiny of yours

Used both to marvel and abhor

You speak and even when the gospel is awful

You make it sound divine

After all—

It’s always Sunday

In the church of the blind

But make no mistake

While the heart of the opportunist

Knows no bounds

All that is lost is inevitably found

They say seize the day and seize you do

Never say I didn’t give credit

Where credit was due

Because there will come a day….

a. duncan, 2019

“Fourth of July, the fireworks you left behind, the sky is faded
I hoped you liked the credit cards
I left behind, the flowers faded
And I hate when you go, yeah, I hate when you go, ’cause my love keeps aging.”

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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