Of ardency

Condemned to abeyance

I lament the ever sentimental fool

Reproved by my otherwise libertine sinews

My hearts crown jewel

Cupid’s prodigal daughter

Debauchery’s unseen enemy

She is crushed velvet and arid petals

Mercury glass and utopian whimsy

Collector of letters

Patron saint

In the cult of fervency

She is a maudlin harlequin

Pervasive in the awakening

Of much unneeded feelings

Apathy’s facile assassin

In amaranth glasses

She is tenured and ubiquitous

A siren thus far immune to the aloof

She convenes with me—

In the urgency of ardency

Even as the blade levitates

And death looms, eminent

She smiles serenely

And swoons

At the guillotine

a. duncan, 2021

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

7 thoughts on “Of ardency

    1. Larisa! Oh my goodness THANK YOU. My entire face smiled when I saw your comment. It’s been difficult to post and interact with WordPress recently – feels like ghost town – so your reactions, interactions and support mean the absolute world to me. In other words. The swooning is entirely mutual (as usual!) ♥️🔥🦊💅🏻💜

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      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The ghost town feel of WP actually saps my desire to even be creative. I know that I could be a part of the solution but I’ve not been lately. But I’m still working at both jobs, working out at the gym 5x a week, meal prepping, horseback riding, snowboarding, trying to make time for my friends, and carving out time to sleep somewhere in between it all. It’s been a whirlwind but the best kind. Anyway, let me stop blathering about myself and say that anytime I see your post pop up in my feed, it’s so refreshing. I’m always filled with anticipation to see what you’ve created this time 😍♥️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Not blathering whatsoever. I love hearing about all things Larisa. I’m glad you are spending as much time as humanly possible being healthy, in the fresh air, engaging in sports and relationships with animals. (HORSES!!!! I love them!!!!) These are all lovely activities and I’m so proud of you, especially in these weird, strained times. I know poetry is still there, just below the surface. I’ve only recently been able to write again. Just too much anxiety and displacement from the pandemic. It’s been nice reconnecting with that part of myself. I wish WordPress wasn’t so deserted lately but I suspect people are in that same purgatory that we are. I look forward to your beautiful poetry when it comes crashing back in like a wave. Xoxoxoxo

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      3. Yes. Although I have to admit that in a weird way, the pandemic has also been good to me. I felt like because the world slowed down, I was able to take a breath in that weird pause and start doing things that brought me joy.

        How have you been and how is your little girl?

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    1. Such a clever and captivating response, Rob. And a very good question, too! Sometimes that hopeless romantic / sentimental fool inside of all of us can be a realllllllll burden. Impossible to reason with! Stubborn to a fault! Well meaning as a general rule but absolutely too trusting, too hopeful, too forgiving. They make us vulnerable. Nobody wants to kill that idyllic instinct but sometimes we have to, to save our own ego/sanity. 😜

      Decadent is such a lovely compliment, sweet pea. Thank you for lending me your ear. 😇🦊😘

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