A woman ever undone


Her mind compels the pen (again and again)

Until caught more often than not

In a deadlock with rational thought

Her head condemns the ends

As it convenes with the means

With madness and its methodologies

Her hands command the verses freed

With benediction for these frenetic fictions

In the name of idiosyncrasies gleaned

β€œWho… is she?”

Nothing more and nothing less

Than a fiend in a fever dream

A self-professed canidae queen

With a continuous affinity

For commiserating with misery

Her days spent gazing, dictating

Subtly obscuring the villainy

And the victories

Drunk on love, blood and honey cum

A woman ever undone

In her endeavoring for pleasure

Each missive written in antithesis

Of an expressionless existence

Each line emphatically resigned

In the unobtainable conquest of bliss

Her ghosts exposed in code

She acquires euphemisms of desire

Elegies in stop-motion tableau

Tattooing philosophies onto arteries

As her biometric hope chest overflows


a. duncan, 2020

(Featured image by neo-innov)

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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