People need their poIson

Sex. Psychedelics. Astronauts.

Aesthetic video by moi. Featuring the throbbing track ‘Chasing Highs’ by Alma.

a. duncan, 2020 

🚫 I own neither the rights to the featured song nor the am I the owner or creator of the video clips themselves. These are errantly scoured from the internet that rarely have originating information. Compiled for artistic and aesthetic purposes. Please contact for specific content credit or removal. 🚫 

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

6 thoughts on “People need their poIson

  1. You are so good at this. The way each clip flows into the other, along with the beat and the lyrics of the song, it was hypnotizing. My new sound system in my car did this song justice 😊 (am I the only one who sits in the car for a while after getting home and just unwinding/browsing on the phone for a bit?)

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    1. *plays that song ‘have I told you lately that I love you’ by rod stewart and gazes lovingly into larisa’s face* ….. LOL. No but seriously do you realize how much life your comments give me? The fact you played this loudly in your car and vibed with it makes me feel … electric. I’m so flattered you enjoyed this, Larisa!!! And no – I promise – you are not the only one who sits in the car for several minutes decompressing before going inside. I sometimes think those few moments are some of the most valuable of any given day. ❤

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      1. I love that song 😍 I love all those “oldies” and sometimes get in that mood to listen to them on repeat for a few days. Michael Bolton is my man during those moods ☺️I actually need to go and look through all of your posts that I have missed because I miss reading your work and could really use a dose of foxesandpoems poetry.

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