You are not dreaming

strange pleasures | video montage |

Featuring the atmospheric song ‘Strange Pleasures’ by Still Corners. This video collage is an aesthetic exploration of humanity’s fascinating (and oft toxic) relationship to nature. Notes of technology. Flora. Erotica. Nostalgia. Movement. Passion. Paris is Burning. China Town. Soul Train. Paradox. Golden Gate. Illustration. Cinema. Joshua Tree. Rebellion. Parallels. Illusions. Ciphers. The power of memory.

And on many levels this is a subtle ode to my city, my hearts home, San Francisco. Where there are eternal flowers in my hair 🦊 💌

Note: I do not the rights to the featured song nor am I the owner/creator of the video clips themselves. These were scoured from across the internet that rarely have originating information. They have been compiled together for artistic and aesthetic purposes. DM for content credit or removal.

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

5 thoughts on “You are not dreaming

    1. Thank you as always, Rob. I’m sorry I’ve been on an extended hiatus. I want to get back to writing, to WordPress. I simply can’t at the moment. You aren’t forgotten while I tend to some things. I hope you noted the Bowie cameo, which was specifically for you. ♥️

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