No Famine


Again and again
I fall like octaves for him 
Like crisp autumnal branch
Acquiesced to quivering disarray
Prolific, hapless, captive
In the confines of his breath
Like a devotional
On an otherwise

Innocuous Sunday morning
Ascending, obeying, native
Like wild grapevine 
Bending to the whim
Of my laudable lover
Tied with twine 
To my organic lattice 

Over and over 
I fall like fog for him
Like a long Indian summer
Subsisting in an arid
Phantom afterglow
Like fireflies and orange rinds
Ardent, capricious, furtive
In the bliss in being picked

In the faintest sounds of lips
Dampened and suckling
Like wherever he is
There can be no winter
Like wherever he is
There can be no famine

a. duncan, 2020


You’re always on my mind
Can’t wait another night
When are you coming home?
I need to see you now
I’m shaken every time
You give me loving eyes
You make me paralyzed
I think I’m paralyzed

Featured image: “Nasturtiums” by Odilon Redon
Featured track: Ólafur Arnalds, Alice Sara Ott – Letters Of A Traveller

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

19 thoughts on “No Famine

  1. Wonderful imagery in this poem!

    No starvation, no hunger… for love fills, to make the heart full.

    Though, there is a sense of “coldness” to it. As though the captivation from the poet’s beloved, is stilling constant change and movement, especially when these things are so great in Autumn. When things keep falling, things keep being lifted. Like when fed, we are given energy. A coldness… or, a frozenness, in that captivation of the poet to who they view.

    Since you mentioned “there can be no winter”, then there can be no absolute stillness. In my take on this, there is both a sense of stillness AND movement. Maybe a slowing, combined with a twitch, like one of those Autumn leaves quivering in the wind.

    Good stuff. Made my mind whirl! 🙂

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! Your reaction is very intriguing and I love the way you dissected the layered elements of this piece. You made several intelligent observations about the metaphor – and I commend you for identifying the subtle, paradoxical nature in the nuances. It’s lovely that you not only read the piece but analyzed it, meticulously so. As a writer that is so flattering. Your mention of “Absolute stillness” and there being a blend between stillness and movement is brilliant. I’m so pleased and thank you again.

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  2. My interpretation to your poem.

    Autumn as things dry out and fall…nature herself nourishes all live and movements the organism to restoring the beauty that which us, that which is energy of itself.

    The piano background brought me in tears for whatever reason….and your voice really captivated that sense of emotion and depth.

    A celebration but yet, a memory of past life when things we’re okay….if any of this makes any sense?

    I had to analyze your words and take it in because I felt something that moved me. That is what poetry does to one’s heart.

    Also, I got reminded by radiohead:

    April, every work you have produced is gold and this one is my favorite of yours with deep emotional grip and the metaphors you always hit the core in us readers. 🙂

    Love this one so much for intellectual friend. 🙂 Bless you. Please do more poetry.

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  3. This is so gorgeous and sensual and delicate. A combination that I fall for every time. When you say you are tired of world events or had a rough week, yet you still manage to produce such ethereal beauty, I am genuinely left in a state of awe. I adored your last poem just as much, I wonder if my comment on it went to spam..

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    1. Oh…. Larisa. This is not just beautiful feedback this is a whole breakfast in bed and champagne bubble bath after months spent in the thrones of apocalyptic despair. Happy sigh. Thank you so much for these words of encouragement. I wasn’t kidding – I couldn’t write at all, for weeks if not months. Too paralyzed by the pain and unrest swirling in a world on the brink. It’s been difficult to find inspiration, especially in beautiful terms, so your comment gives me immense comfort and peace.

      Also – I literally can not find your other comment?? Where even is spam now that WordPress has decided to “fix” something that wasn’t broken. The new site layout is so strange and confusing to me. I need to see this other comment!! I had no idea you said anything I’m so sorry beautiful girl. Help! 💌🖤🦊

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      1. Hahaha your cry for help made me laugh! I am glad you found it 💕 The WordPress gremlins like to do that sometimes—I have found gems in my spam folder multiple times (real comments from my friends on here) so I don’t know what triggers it. I make it a point to regularly check my spam for that reason. You are inspiring me to put the pen to the paper again.

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  4. This is completely stunning, April. The woven metaphors, imagery and the way your words propel rhythmically forward is brilliantly done. It feels effortless and also gives me a bit of a Plath feel. I am currently in the process of writing an autumn love poem myself, so this is incredibly inspiring to me. Lovely, lovely work. ♥️🍁

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    1. I am…
      flattered beyond reproach by this comment, Katy. Thank you so,
      so sincerely. I utterly idolize Plath and could never compare to her caliber of poetry – but the comparison gives me several high pitched squeals and blushes. I can’t wait to see your autumn themed post. You are so talented and the truth is you inspire me, too. 🖤🍂

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  5. Oh, My! Now you have gone and done it, April! I’ve become addicted to the sound of your voice reciting words!! Too many ways to try and describe but all “wonderful” – Bellissimo, April, Bellissimo!

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    1. I literally squealed reading this. Not sure my voice is worthy of such immense compliment but I’m still madly flattered. You’ll find recordings like this on most of my recent work! You’re far too kind, sir, thank you so much!!! Xo

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      1. Ahhh, I’m so happy to hear you squealing at having read my comment!! Much more than I could have hoped for! Well, I read a lot of poetry and get to hear a fair amount of recitation and yours is among the best! Glad your are “Madly Flattered”, but honestly it’s not flattery when it’s true. It is a well deserved compliment and your recitation is well worthy of the praise!!

        Happy to know that you have been doing audio recordings. I will have to go back and seek them out. So, do you ever do recording for anyone but yourself? Happy to have made your day, My Dear!

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