The Ebb Within

Arrested upon the breakers

A flirtatious aeration in apex

Devours itself in elliptical gasps

An alabaster froth that wafts

In infinite reincarnate

Beneath the taloned feet

Of molting osprey

Whose umber feathers, splayed

Are lost to another onslaught

Asunder swells of seraphic saline

A chaotic order, borderless

Belonging to a meticulous, aqueous body

With its coquettish drifts

Parted by the boughs of galleons

Helmed by a hyaline horizon

Dutifully dimming each hour

Into a minor chord of elysian cerise

This bohemian maverick, shapeshifts

Across the hemispheres

Even in fractions, inconceivable

Errantly adorned

In occlusions of earth

In tinctures of drift seed

In torrents of primordial oyster

In proliferations of ponderous ark

In blithe migrations

Of blanched debris

In canopies of iridescent cartilage

In exponential burials

Of ancient exoskeletons

As dorsals reverberate

Along serrated reef

The oft’ tussled lullabies

Of delirious mollusk, unveil

In inordinate detail

Its tides masquerading

As echoes and the songs of whale

Rifts slung in aversion

To the ebb within

The accidental derivatives

Of the minerals whisked

In ardent adagio

In lunar devotion

All is risen, eventual

In the erosive nether

Though indiscernible

Where pelicans dive

For deliverance

Between wisps of hemlock

An eternal hypnosis, exists

At the behest

Of a grand, waxing crescent

a. duncan, 2020


Featured artwork by Samantha Keely-Smith
Video featured track: Unsaid (State Azure Remix)

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

6 thoughts on “The Ebb Within

  1. Wow 😮 The scene you painted here—nay—unveiled layer by layer, was a hypnotic, breath-robbing, feast for the senses!! It was like solving a Rubik’s cube from the inside with its detailed intricacy. I was never sure from which perspective I was going to be looking through next—will it be from the sharp eye of the osprey, or will I be rising from beneath the spray of the ocean, or will I be the glorious moon instead? Incredible. I will have to reread this one several times to make sure the entirety of it has immersed itself wholly into my senses and being so that I’m not missing the smallest detail.


    1. Oh my GOD I just found this comment in my spam. Larisa!!!! Thank you!! I’m squealing right now. You absolutely understood that this poem switches visual perspective – almost like a film – from above, to below, to right on top the waves themselves. It makes my little fox heart swell that you experienced it exactly as I imagined when composing it!!!

      I am so glad you said something because this is an insanely beautiful comment that means so much to me. I had no idea you’d said anything (thanks WordPress! 🖕🏻) can you just come over and we’ll platonic snuggle in a blanket nest while reading poetry out loud and watching old 1940’s movies for a couple days? Please? ♥️🗝

      Liked by 1 person

      1. On my way!! Don’t mind if I bring my latest blend of favorite red wine with me ☺️ Your writing is beyond superb, the scenes unfolded in a dazzling array and I felt like I needed to come up for air when the journey came to an end and spit me back into my own skin. Incredible. Even now as I picture you composing the scenes in your mind and plucking the words out of the ether to give them substance, my mind sort of short circuits. You have an incredible talent, my wildly intelligent friend 🙏🏻

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Like I said before and I’ll say it again, phenomenal! visually-striking, & your voice full of life and beauty.

    Also, the video ocean and the message of connecting to us, universe, and us being the creatures of our own planet.
    Reminded me of Terrence Malick. 🙂

    I’m always happy to read your work…you always elevate your writing to the next level and continue to produce different work and your poetry never stays the same….you push boundaries and for that…big virtual hugs from me to you my sweet intellectual friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Charlie… my goodness. There are not enough words in the English language for how emotional your feedback made me. Terrence Malick, as you know, was an utter master at his craft. Portraying the natural world with such delicate brilliance. Your comparison is one of the best compliments I have ever received and I will utterly cherish it. Thank you for your unwavering friendship and creative encouragement 🦋🌊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww…You are so welcome my friend. 🙂

        You are to me one who writes with such delicate, intelligence, aggression, passion, and humanity. You are the poet that everyone should read and pay attention. You have a lot to say and offer to the world. I mean that with all my heart. I’ll even tell you by audio memo. 🙂

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