Oceanic Empress

Questions posed

Of the oceanic empress

My Tropic of Capricorn

My southern equator

My counterpoint to time

Are you, in fact, a woman

Or a cliff of obsidian?

O, Tidepool eyes

O, Music box heart

La mère, l’artiste

My origami swan

My silver leaf frond

Siren of the sophora

Pouring with words

Stirred by keys of ivory

O, Moonstone prone

O, Mercurial jewel

Wisp of lace

Dainty as delphinium

Cathartic as charcoal

Are you, in fact, a poetess

Or the paradox

Of the perennial?

a. duncan, 2020

(Composed as a much deserved ode to my dearest friend Rachel of In Mind and Out)



And I’m jealous of her feet
The way she runs from nobody
The way she walks right through the sea
And how she’ll make you weep
Oh my lonely heart, she could hang around for days

Featured artwork:

– ‘Kowhai Waterfall’ by Kathryn Furniss



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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

39 thoughts on “Oceanic Empress

  1. Seriously made me tear up. That is such a beautiful tribute. As soon as I started reading it, I knew it was about Rachel. I just read another tribute by the Lonely Author to Rachel as well and I am so happy she is receiving this well-deserved praise and adoration.

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    1. Larisa!! You teared up! Excuse me while I melt from your preciousness. Seriously. I think we are all in collective agreement that Rachel is a rarity. But let it also be said that so are you! You never know. I might pen and ode to you someday. Larisa – the sensual gaze of the raven, the Gypsy hearted darling. 🖤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Omg I’m like squealing over here! Flattered and blushing and tickled pink by your words, my lovely 🙈

        Rachel is definitely a rarity but you are her perfect counterpart so that makes both of you this dazzling supernova in an otherwise dark sky. I am lucky to have found you both, and it’s thanks to Rachel that I discovered you ♥️

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  2. April, I have searched all day for the right words to say thank you. None of them are adequate. It feels like you have taken a walk in the landscape of me, found the precious stones, elements and colours, seen and made the best of me and what I love and given it the phenomenal grace of your words and intellect. And the images, chosen so perfectly like you are my personal curator. Everything about this makes ‘me’ better by you as my northern counterpoint, a treasured friend. The keeper of keys. My giver of destinies. What is it like to have a friend do this for you? What is it like to be given something so personal and invaluable? It feels like the universe somehow said “today is your day, Rachel.”

    April, it’s still not enough. But, thank you.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Eeek I’m doing a little happy dance at this 💃🏻 because I think the exact same thing about you three!! I always imagine we have formed this little club of sorts lol. And I love the different personalities of each of you and how everyone just flows together perfectly 💞

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  3. Floored…. wow. Every line, just so powerful… and to know at the end it’s about Rachel… yes, this is a poem that deserves her. Hope you don’t mind me using that word… hard to express what I mean properly. In short, amazing!!!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Phew!!! 😅You just made my heart so happy. 🤗😄🎉Sometimes my comments miss the mark of what I’m trying to say, but you’ve understood me perfectly… thank you, beautiful April. ❤️🌿☀️🙏🌷

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  4. Such an excellent tribute to our incredible friend Rachel. You’ve expressed painting with your own words as a canvas to burst out the inspiration. Beautifully well done…and I can also, hear your voice reciting such a masterful craft of poetic beauty. 🙂

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