We All Fall Down

Mother nature is a serial killer, no one’s better, more creative, but like all serial killers, she can’t help the urge to want to get caught.”

– World War Z


Dearest Friends and Enemies,

As I’m sure we are all coming to realize: the world is collectively losing it’s proverbial shit. In real time. And with good reason. COVID-19 is, truthfully, an unprecedented global health event. The likes of which hasn’t been seen since the macabre days of the Bubonic Plague. 

Ring around the rosies

Made far worse by ego-maniacal bigots in positions of power labeling the threat as nothing more than “hysterical political” propaganda. World leaders concerned far more with their approval rating than quelling the exploding panic of the public. Drowning out the scientific community with arrogance and make-believe statistics. Only taking it seriously when they have something to lose. Their ignorant rhetoric and hubristic approach is not only wildly irresponsible – it’s dangerous. Compounding an already unstable present tense.

Add to this a main stream media that is whipping it’s audience into a frenzy. The news cycles are both vital to the situation and exploitative of the situation. Their coverage is constant, insatiable and most importantly – profitable. Making it a task for anyone to discern what is truth and what is exaggeration. One can not glance at a news station without being accosted by grim discussions, finger pointing, grandstanding and pearl clutching.

Pocket full of posies

We also have the scourge of social media commenting incessantly from the bleachers. Internet know-it-all’s waving the pandemic off as nothing worse than the common cold. This is the equivalent of Oscar the Grouch shaking his fist at passers by. A veritable meme factory heckling at every turn. LOL’ing at those who are going overboard and stocking up on enough toilet paper to last them through the ice age. It’s not as if they don’t have a point about the counter productivity of mass panic – but they’re doing this by stigmatizing something that should be taken seriously. Inundating the web with surplus negativity and their tireless complaining. It isn’t helping a damn thing.

But there is a bright spot. Unlike the long, horrifying period marred by The Black Death, we are, as a society light years ahead in terms of scientific discovery and understanding. We are undeniably medically advanced. We are far more prepared.

Despite this. We are watching the world slow to a crawl and the markets crash. We are witnessing businesses shuttering and people sheltering in place. We are seeing jobs and schools on indefinite hold. Arts and sports on pause. Grocery stores emptied and commodities with waiting lists. The quiet is settling in and there are so many among us who are vulnerable. The elderly, immunodeficient, children who rely heavily on discounted school meals. Families living paycheck to paycheck. Our entire way of life is being unceremoniously uprooted. 

Ashes, ashes

I find myself wondering how we, as a nation and as a world, will weather this storm? How long before life returns to some semblance of normalcy? But most of all I contemplate the meaning. The origins and the reasons. The fine print and how it changes us. Questions about our humanity. Our reactions and purposes. Divine fate versus random chaos.

I haven’t made progress on this metaphorical rubiks cube as of yet. But one thing I come back to is where this threat started. Not China, geographically speaking. It’s not actually about the latitude and longitude, per say. But it all began at a wet market. Where animals were being kept in deplorable squalor. Slaughtered without hesitation for the benefit of man.

It is not lost on me nor should it be lost on any of you that most of these pandemics begin in the animal population and quickly jump to humans. Typically in spaces where animals are being horrifically mistreated. Testing labs, slaughter houses, wet markets.

It seems to me that Mother Nature is taking her revenge. And rightfully so. In our arrogance and in our greed. In our cruel and assaultive treatment of animals. Our desecration of the earth and it’s resources. She may be teaching us a very harsh lesson. It’s one she’s done before. Maybe this time she’s hoping it’ll stick.

Throughout history human beings have conveniently forgotten her capabilities. Her dangers endless. Her arsenal deadly. Today, as I wade through a wholly unknown future? I also see Mother Nature settling the score.

We all fall down.

a. duncan, 2020

Featured artwork:
– “Ophelia” by Ernest Hébert, c. 1910
– Gedogfx (Deviantart Gallery)


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

14 thoughts on “We All Fall Down

  1. This is an extremely well written post. You’ve covered everything. The media is dead today, and our leaders are draconian despots. The ones in my country are more concerned with pogroms and ostracising a particular community than taking the threat seriously. People’s lives are at stake, but social media trolls post memes mocking the hysteria. Yes, some people do take fear to the extremes, but opining on everything and being overtly critical isn’t the way forward. You’ve taught me a lot today. I have been contemplating on becoming a vegetarian for sometime now. It isn’t fear of illness, but the thought of unhygienic slaughterhouses, and the mistreatment of animals that’s weighing on me. Your powerful, witty, sharp-as-a-blade post might help me seal the deal.

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    1. Holy shit. First of all – thank you!! Sincerely. Thank you. I feel so strangely empowered by your incredibly succinct and insightful response. The fact this piece resonated with you tells me I am not alone in witnessing the circus that’s burning down around our ears.

      Your words are echolocation to me, in a way. Building upon my own thoughts, giving them even more powerful language. You stated things I felt deeply but couldn’t adequately describe! “Draconian despots”, “dead media”, “ostracizing communities”. Humanity’s insipid treatment of the environment, our entitlement to massacre the animal kingdom. We have so much to learn…. Thank you for seeing me and hearing me. But most of all for feeling me. May we all find redemption one day – at Mother Nature’s feet. 🌿🙏🏼👏🏻🖤

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  2. Such a fucking beautiful post. Could never have said it better myself.

    Hope you don’t mind the f-bomb. This moved me big time. You’ve expressed some of my own deepest feelings – and, I expect, those of many others too – so powerfully and eloquently here. Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. We don’t have to go back to the dark ages for a lethal disease. Spanish flu killed 53 million last century. Swine flu killed 18000 in the US this century without all of this panic. Personally I think that it’s impacting people’s brains the most. Why else would they focus so much on toilet paper😉😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is exactly what I meant, Dapper One. Our level of panic is on or near the same level as the plague. People are absolutely terrified. There have been multiple pandemics since The Black Death. I am merely using that as a specific simile in terms of fear.

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      1. I guess my point is why all the fear. This is not as catastrophic as prior pandemics. I’m more afraid of being assaulted for having tp in my shopping carriage 😊

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  4. Go fuck yourself you small dick incel. You live in looney land with other misogynist white male conservatives who wear their pants too high who view themselves and their pathetic income as the center of the universe. Turning a blind eye to disgusting and dangerous political rhetoric as long as you can pay your monthly subscription to porn hub. The only thing I owe you a thanks for is the laugh at your ignorant, one-sided trash can beliefs and those horrible quotes that you somehow think make you seem more worldly than you are in reality. I eat men like you for breakfast and nothing you’ve said has made me bat a single eyelash. If you want to keep embarrassing yourself Charles by all means. You will die just as easily as the next man.

    Ps. I wouldn’t walk in your shitty k-mart shoes if you begged me you perpetual virgin piece of shit.

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      1. Hahaha oh Rob! I forgot all about this after I removed him from the conversation. I thought I’d deleted the whole thing but apparently not lol…. Some weirdo who jumped on this thread suggesting that all democrats and feminists are evil. Throwing around words like snowflake and conspiracy. And I’m all for intelligent discussion but this was really ugly and toxic. So I asked him to please not engage in that kind of rhetoric and he told me not to get my panties in a twist. Bad decision, sir. Very bad. 😂

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