? ¿ (E) ? ¿

“A person comes into the kitchen
to dry the hands, the face,
to stand on the lip of a question.

Around the face, the hands,
behind the shoulders,
yeasts, mountains, mosses multiply answers.

There are questions that never run out of questions,
answers that don’t exhaust answer.

Take this question the person stands asking:
a gate rusting open.
Yes stands on its left, no on its right,
two big planets of unpainted silence.”

— ‘A Well Runs Out of Thirst’, Jane Hirshfield 1953



The question mark

Is as ominous as it is adamant

In its accounting of answers

It is the nagging of the naysayers

The proselytizing of pondering souls

It makes quick work of the curious

While inconspicuously conjoined

At the hip with exclamation points

The quixotic cousins

Immersed in emphatic filibuster

On their soap box of Pollock blots

The question mark

Is simplistically differentiated

By means

Of it’s serpentine filigree

It is the start

Of an unnerving sequence

The riotous syntax

Of riddles

A house of cards

Impending collapse

A fresh hell of consequential

Indelible in it’s extant

Of existential dread

Given credence by dreamers

Spun as harmless contemplation

Well, then

Let the idealists plead ignorance

In the underestimation

Of the answers

Whom, more oft than not

Refute the call to capture

a. duncan, 2020



featured artwork:  ‘Curious Temptation’ by Francis & Laurence Mendoza

featured song: ‘Winterreise’ by Max Richter 

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

18 thoughts on “? ¿ (E) ? ¿

  1. April, the more I read this, the more I am struck by the genius of you…. you imbibe the question mark with the respect and adoration it deserves, it’s shape, it’s significance. The magnificence of the question mark. Your mind has wanderlust. I love this xoxo

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