To The Brave

My wrists plead for lips
The way gifts wish for ribbons
My body is stricken
With an inconspicuous deficiency
For biting kisses that climb
The way vines do
When seizing the stake
The way the trellis aches
For the weight of the grapes
The way the dew hangs
From the tip of the stem
The way the hunger pangs
For a taste
As the lace is displaced
From the hem
In the desperate act
Of finding
The way books are torn
From their binding
Une poème est un femme 
My desire fills with wild disarray
It’s the worst on rainy days
When I am muted
But for the whimpering
My flesh taut and inevitably quivering
From each and every balmy crevice
My longings are kept to surplus
In the hope chest of my hips
My mind dances with its wistful addictions
With the devils that reside
In the details and suggestions
Infatuation guides the fingers
As a siren sounds in the irises of the eyes
My curves whisper their treachery
To the brave
My marrow implores
A thorough exploration of hands
There is no time for diplomacy
When festooned in a tedious void
There are needs in the immediacy
Unerring in their thirst
The way the daisy ploys
The sun to pour
Tell me who you want me to be
And I will be she
So that she
Can be

a. duncan, 2020


Featured artwork:

Video collage artwork: Nicholas Blind
Featured track: Erotic Sound by DJ Dimension



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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

6 thoughts on “To The Brave

  1. April, i feel like I want to kneel at the altar of this, and worship its perfect sensuality. To reach out and touch the tautness of the words, run fingers along the contours of them. Those words have a shape and a body of their own. I got lost in this.

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