She is the languid dreams

Of the dozing duskywing

She is the sweet relief

Felt in the consummation

Of a late night breeze

She is love’s ledgers

Tethered like feathers

To cascades of heather

Kept in the velvet sleeves

Of Valentines

She is the string tied to finger

She is the binding

She is the flourish of ink

She is the pleading

Of the parchment

The trembling

Of the heart

She is the writing

Continued in the sinews

The bellows of laughter

She is the melody played

The sunbeams in the rafters

She is attuned to the ardency 

Of cardinals

She is swayed by the days

That fade into sorbet

She is moved by the plume

That circles the winter’s moon

She traverses the garden

The loveliest little bumble bee

So much like me

(Only better)

She is the gorgeous division

In the beams of the prism

My polychromatic sever

She is the rhapsody

She is the reason

The fruition

The grand scheme

Of everything

She is the shooting stars

In my arms

The kite in my mind’s skies

And for her

I fall

Like love, like cliffs

Like bliss, like autumn

a. duncan, 2020

For my daughter, my prism



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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

5 thoughts on “Polychromatic

  1. The effect of this April… is like a child’s laughter, like the feeling of being cherished and loved, like the sacred safety of a mother’s arms. It’s like the sprinkles on an icecream, like that moment you know what you live for, The reflection of yourself, only better. its…. beautiful. The love of a mother

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    1. You have the most magical way with words Rachel. I think you and I both share in our absolute wonderment of motherhood. It truly is such a blessing – each and every day, each and every second. When when it’s exhausting, even when it’s emotional or challenging. Its still the greatest gift. Our very own prisms. Our very own flickering star shine. Thank you for always seeing straight through to the soul of my poetry. ❤

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      1. If magic is catching, then my words may be magical by virtue of the magic in yours. “Our very own prisms. Our very own flickering star shine.” That, is the kind of magic that’s contagious 🔥❤️

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  2. How is this possible!? I keep coming back to your work and there is no doubt in the beauty of your words. They shine crystal clear, and flutter over the screen, into the eyes, pirouetting across each wave and the sitting atop the brain ad its throne. This was the only way I can describe it. You’re a genius talent to be reckoned with. Honestly.

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    1. Oh wow… I.. am left a bit speechless by this feedback. How incredibly honored I feel by these words!! I have the utmost respect for your writing and for you as a writer, Watt, so the feeling is entirely mutual. Thank you, most sincerely, for such a meaningful and flattering response. I’m blushing into next week.


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