With No Compromise

Holy shit. This track is really something. It has some kind of moody, Motown, lo-fi magic.

The harp.

The swell at 1:40 is the closest thing I can sonically liken to the feeling of falling madly in love with someone. Sigh.

This is the kind of song I could listen to for an actual eternity, doing nothing but daydreaming…


If you want me
Why don’t you want me?
You should want me
Like I want you
If you need me
Why don’t you need me?
You should need me
Like I need you
If you love me
Why don’t you love me?
You should love me
Like I love you

I don’t wanna love anyone else
I know you’re galaxies away
But don’t walk away from me

No further baby
I can’t take it
I don’t wanna be wrong
Don’t care to be right
All I’m asking that you give me your love
With no compromise
Is that so hard?
‘Cause I know we’re both different
That’s what gives us life
Don’t leave
Don’t let it die


(featured image by milk and death)


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

4 thoughts on “With No Compromise

    1. Right?! Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one Larisa! Something about it. I listened to it and felt like I’d just made out with someone devastatingly handsome or had a religious experience of some kind! Haha ♥️ I’m sooo pleased it got your endorphins going too, lovely one.

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