The Faux is my Foe

I wander the wreckage aimless
In my pointless annoyance
I traverse, I glance, I coalesce
Beneath a sky plotted meticulously
In a cemetery of stars and power lines
I retrace the path, I count the miles
I stand before a door that I abhor
Pouring my fool heart out
It guards the de facto of a dalliance
I wonder aloud, I theorize
I begrudgingly pine
For the place behind
For the syndicate beyond the hinges
A landscape where the answers hide
A landmark that might align
With the resign, the resolve, the rigor
Of my finger on the trigger
Some discernible suggestion
That might lessen the injustice of us
But all remains inert
On the fringe of an unrequited moon
So who were you besides
The exoskeleton of a question mark
The worst taste ever left in my mouth
The rifling through the lost and found
The stark contrast, the catalyst to bitter laughter
A kingdom of contempt
A narcan dream, a thief of keys
The faux is my foe
I survey of damages in the epicenter
I contemplate the chances given
I measure the skids
How does one calculate the speed
Of a disaster forever after?
I seek traces of your identity
I entreat the authenticity of a past
That can never be completed
I eventually climb up the truth
Like a splintered ladder
That it doesn’t actually matter
Who you are
Because there is no you
The yesterday-he
Was a brilliant performance
Of the same caliber
As the one given tomorrow
By tomorrow-him
You’re the epitome of momentary
You’re the sting of a hundred bees
The last great disappearing act
Nothing more than a two way mirror
There is no residual to rebuild from
No frame of reference to begin again
No constant to contemplate
No hierarchy to memory
When all of it is fake
When the baseline is bravado
When the promises evolve
When the shift a gradual tragedy
I can then objectively assess
Your heart is tentative at best

a. duncan, 2020



Video featured artwork:
McCauley Conner, American commercial illustrator known as “one of the original Mad Men”

Video featured song:
Wide Open — Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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