Mechanical Borealis

His presence always reminded me

Of a derelict casino

Somewhere between Vegas and Reno

It’s cocktail napkin insignia the silhouette

Of a vainglorious flamingo

He was a place no one ever intends to go

Rather ending up in, like trouble

Or confusion, or love

West of the never ending desert

A transient fix of the visceral

A terrible treasure unfettered

By it’s own poorly imitated opulence

A tourist trap in the truest sense

He captivated me, nevertheless

Such a distracting rapture

He was a page torn from a book entitled

‘How to gamble irresponsibly

In desperation’s aftermath’

There was a last stop for miles sign

Hung askew in his smile

He was a nowhere home for no one

A mine shaft dressed as an oasis

And I got the feeling I wasn’t alone

As much a man as a confidence game

So strangely urbane

He was an intentional infatuation

A not-so-subtle subliminal

As grandiose as the harvest moon

A landmark perjuring

It’s wild exclamations of sophistication

In the loud, hexagonal carpet

He was a labyrinth brimming

With a compulsive, mechanical borealis

That I wanted to reach out and kiss

I’d wander him for hours and hours in a neon daze

With carousel eyes and parted thighs

A wildflower basking in the debauchery

Of nature’s antithesis

Where am I?

I wondered

And where’s the waitress

With my scotch?

I thought

He was a destination void of discernible substance

Replete only in the absence of clocks

Though the consolations seemed endless

The biggest little lies awaited therein

His devotion was as conditional as the dividends

And I should have known

I should have known

The house always wins

a. duncan, 2020



View from the vanity, is that you?
Wrapped up in the bedsheets, is that you?
How can I be sure of it?
Memorize the taste of it

Recall the taste of it
It’s all I ever do
Recall the taste of it
It’s all I ever do
Recall the taste of it
It’s all I ever do

Video featured song:
‘Additional Ghosts’
by Mark Peters and Ulrich Schnauss

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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