So Many Obstacles


I had a dream.

And you were there bare as ever.

Exactly as I cherish you.

And I do, very much, cherish you.

Stark, hardened, bewildering in your physicality.

So handsome that it often intimidates me.

No one intimidates me.

But you do.

So much so that my strategy has changed.

You have single-handedly caused me to evolve.

You subdue my innate sense of superiority.

You dilute my tendency toward psychological warfare.

You intoxicate me with greed.

For flesh. For words. For lips. For sex.

I submit myself willingly in your presence.

I offer my body as tribute.

Raise me like a flag in triumph.

Our mouths drifted together hungrily.

Always so impatient, you and I.

Even in dreams.

A frenzy.

Starving for warmth. For moisture. For games. For ache.

A language only we speak.

When pressed into furniture. Shower doors. Hardwood floors. Edwardian beds.

Our’s is an immutable lust.

As requite as it is incendiary.

As requisite as it is kismet.

I recall gasping quietly between suckling kisses.

Murmuring. Lulling. Whimpering. Purring.

That I was unworthy of the man slipping me his tongue.

But oh, how much I wanted him…

Your body articulated it’s desires to me.

In sounds. In angles. In tensions. In hands.

Dragging fingers through my hair.

Clutching cheekbones.

Cupping, tugging curves like sacred, porcelain objects.

Frantic in the unfastening of buttons and belts.

So many obstacles. 

I swallowed the breath that fell from your mouth.

I was a phoenix risen in your quickening pleasure.

My hands dove like egrets.

a. duncan, 2020



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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

16 thoughts on “So Many Obstacles

  1. Oh my….
    April. I am breathless as my own mind dove like an egret through your words… landing, swooping, maneuvering through them, feeling their sensuality and passion from each angle. Lingering in so many places. I may burst into flames.

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    1. I had this feeling when writing, and then rewriting, this… so it might not come across as obscene as it was in it’s original form… I just had this feeling that my twin flame might hear it and dive down in it’s tide pools.. swooning like a white tufted little tui ❤ And I'm so pleased she did.

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  2. Such a brilliant visceral piece crackling with sensuality! ‘You intoxicate me with greed’ – beautiful contrast between those moments of frantic giggling eagerness like first-time teenagers & slow tender exploration of seasoned lovers. Wonderful work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You pointed out something wonderful here Tom. This is, indeed, a work of seasoned sensuality. This is spoken from the perspective of someone confident in her body, in her sexuality… (I told you that you always point out something I do subliminally!) Thank you so much for the sweet words.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Rob darling you are the only man I know who can use charming 1940/50’s terminology and have it sound completely natural and non-dated! I swear you belong in a film noir or romantic-comedy from that era! I’m so glad it sizzled for you at bedtime 👄😴

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  3. Wow, I feel breathless now and I have to wonder which line ended up completely stealing my breath? So well done. I have a hard time reading erotic poetry from friends, I kind of feel like I’m right there with them, you know? But this was done so tastefully, I gobbled it right up 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There you are, beautiful girl! I was beginning to worry a little in your absence and was so relieved to see your name on my notifications!

      I absolutely know what you mean! Often times reading/experiencing the erotic poetry of non-strangers – it transports us into those intimate moments and it can be awkward to imagine people that we know…. “in the act”, so to speak. I’m so pleased this piece didn’t have that effect. I tend to believe that less is more – sexy-poetically, speaking. I was just telling Rachel that her poetry is so sultry to me because it’s alluded to subtly, just a touch or a glance that lingers with the readers. Empowering the imagination to drift is much more effective than describing every sound and sensation in almost vulgar detail. Your feedback is so refreshing and appreciated Larisa. You always make me feel like a million dollars and I can’t thank you enough for that. ♥️🗝🙏🏼

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      1. I have been really focused on working through a lot of personal obstacles and dealing with what feels like a lot on my plate, so I simply have not had the headspace or energy to devote to creative writing. Hence, my prolonged absences. Thank you for such lavish praise, April, I always walk away feeling humbled and awed. I completely second your opinion on Rachel’s beautiful writing, she has one of the most beautiful talents I’ve ever run into. You both do. You each have a very distinct flavor to your art, and the beauty of each is why I find it so captivating.

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