Of Remnants

I don’t need a reason

For I am a season

I bring showers so there’s flowers in May

I cower at nothing in the realm of decay

I marvel at the ineptitude of contempt

I exempt myself from the polemics of remnants

I acquire fuel for the fire in the cull of the quiet

I smile kindly at envy’s ineffectual riots

I extrude honey from the weeping of bees

I suppose there is beauty hidden in misery

I ramble in the appraisal of roses

I forego the woe in the shrinking of violets

I flaunt the typewriter’s superiority to science

I rise in the alliance of lions

I repeat my belief never to lose sleep for lost causes

I bask ‘neath the brawny paws of the fox

I applaud in the presence of dauntless honesty

I bid adieu to the past and its casualties

I subdue the reprieve of duplicity

I leave the wolves to the ostensible love of sheep

I don’t need a flock

For I am a lock

a. duncan, 2019



For here I lie in wait
Hush little heart

Steal my sweating lips
Wield my starving hips

There’s a cult, there’s a cult inside of me

Form the salt, sprinkle it around me

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

6 thoughts on “Of Remnants

  1. April…what a sublime reading coupled with such magical imagery. 😀 This is such an otherworldly, serene and ethereal piece – love the flowing rhythm throughout and your husky words elevate it to a whole new level. Perfect way to bid farewell to 2019 and ring in the New Year! 🌸 Your words leave me speechless – ‘extrude honey from the weeping of bees’ and ‘bask ‘neath the brawny paws of the fox’ – yes, Queen! Such vivid snapshots that breathe life into a marvellous piece! 🐝 🦊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Tom, you are officially the sweetest little bean. Thank you as always! You always absorb the words and let them take you on an evocative journey. As a writer, that is so genuine and meaningful to me. I sent you a voice memo in lieu of an email last night – hope you got it. My internet was being hateful. As we enter a new decade I want you to know that you have my eternal gratitude and friendship, Slumdog love. (As does Rusty, Flamefur and the rest of your inspiring creations) 🔒🦊♥️🐕

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      1. It was such a heartwarming New Year’s message you sent – I’m honoured and deeply humbled you’ve enjoyed my tentative scribblings through the year ♥️ Each heartfelt and insightful comment you leave has helped me improve so much as a writer & I’m so grateful we’ve become such close friends and pen-pals that buoy each other up through the rough patches and inspire one another to reach for the stars. 🤝 Looking forward to bringing you more joy and wonder in 2020! 🦊
        Your British Blueberry 🔵
        Tom 🐕

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  2. “I don’t need a reason
    For I am a season
    I bring showers so there’s flowers in May”

    And here the magic starts April, and does not let us go throughout this poem. You choose words that fit together like they are lovers… they slide together, their beauty magnified when placed side by side and in your perfect arrangements. This poem is like soft footfalls in the forest, a gentle shower that is determined and fearless in its drenching. I want to ‘bask ‘neath the brawny paws of the fox’ and face the world in the fearless way that you describe.

    Wow. I wish I could write like this. Happy new year you talented and beautiful soul 🦊🦢❤️

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