Of Monsters and Men

You will learn to love me, begrudgingly
In fact you already do
In absence and errant thought
The forget-me-not first thought in the morning
I am the pins and needles from the too-tight boots
That you laced improperly just to spite me
On remembering how I once said
That aesthetic is very important
And you should know this
Because my God you are handsome
And I will never love you
Even though I already do
So just stop distracting me already
And learn to tie your shoes
Your intellect is actually frightening
In the best ways possible
You’re like a circus in reverse
Where strange clowns frown inconsolably
The lions whip the tamers at two and ten
And the tightrope hovers over a moat
Designed to unnerve a universe
Adverse to disturbances
So we speak in code and hope for hotels
Where the delusions are monsters
And the monsters
Are men
But don’t worry I will build them a zoo
I’ll make sure it’s masculine
Reminiscent of your poorly laced boots
So they—
I mean you
Will be well fed and convinced
The butterflies aren’t bitter at being evicted
Always the rebel girl
With fairytale impairments
So tall and so attentive
I will take care of everything
In fact I already do
I happen to tie knots beautifully
So my hands are free to play
In the hair of fates that want not to exist
But do so, begrudgingly
You can’t have me
Take me anyway

a. duncan, 2019

| Video features the beautiful track: ‘Days Go By’  from the My Brilliant Friend Soundtrack, by Max Richter |

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

24 thoughts on “Of Monsters and Men

  1. Another beautiful piece that leaves the reader hungry for more! 😀 You really capture that bittersweet feeling between a couple at odds with one other, especially flipping the expected norms on their heads. ‘pins and needles from the too-tight boots’ – can picture it perfectly! Your audio recitals are always so soothing and honest, with such vivid snapshots. ❤ Hope you have a lovely week ahead, Vixen!

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    1. Slumdog sweetheart! You compliment me and I smile like the Cheshire Cat. Your support is invaluable and I always get the feeling you really listen to the words and get straight to the meanings. That means so much.

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      1. 🤗 It’s been such a great eye-opening journey reading your raw elegant poetry – you have a unique talent of taking universal experiences everyone can identify with and bringing a new perspective to them with such strong evocative images. Every new piece brings a smile to my face! ❤

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  2. Wow!!! I was obviously impressed by the poem and then you added the Lana song at the end. I’m fascinated by the how starkly your poetry contrasts with the lyrics of Lana Del Rey, and yet you two have similar themes. Right now, I preferred your version of thought, as I might to some other songs of her from the last two albums. What I meant to say was, I love this. 😂

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    1. I actually thought of you when I chose that song to compliment the piece, remembering how you connected so strongly with another song of hers, so I’m tickled pink you noticed! Lana has that little-girl-lost, dive bar chanteuse, nostalgic Americana type of ambiance both in voice and arrangement. My work has some definite similarities, at least in the way I recite. You flatter me immensely, Watt, thank you.

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  3. Your audio voice of beauty and soul, reads like a love story/metaphor/surrealism/a love story of itself.
    Your voice is captivating and grips the reads psyche.

    I’m telling you…you should do an audio book of poetry. And the background music you’ve chosen is operatic and felt cinematic of poetic film. 🙂

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  4. “You’re like a circus in reverse”

    I think the universe stood still for a moment when I read that line.

    Every bit of this poem was just pure brilliance. Your way with words rivals the most gifted wordsmiths who have graced this tattered tapestry of time we inhabit. I love how your sharp mind shines through with every piece of yours. Your elegance and gracefulness teases us with glimpses of a fierce heroine who is just as capable of wrestling someone into submission as she is drinking high tea with the queen dressed in lace and heels.

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    1. … You just gave me actual goosebumps, Larisa. I’m totally serious. How can I thank you for such an IMMENSELY beautiful comment? God, I’m melting. You touched on so many qualities that I hope come across in my work and I am soooooooooooooo enchanted by your words. I’m blushing and it is very hard to make me blush. I want to hide but blow you kisses from my hiding place!

      This is why I was beside myself at the thought of you leaving us! You are… a literal jewel. And this? “rivals the most gifted wordsmiths who have graced this tattered tapestry of time we inhabit” ….. this demonstrates your equalled gift for gorgeous wordplay. I am so honored to call you a friend and a peer, Larisa. Thank you, a thousand times, you art deco garnet ❤

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      1. I totally understand that feeling! Your comment elicited an ear-to-ear grin lol!

        And the honor is all mine April, you are indeed a poem that should be on everyone’s required reading list. ♥️

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  5. April, one of the reasons this has taken me so long to respond to is I’m struggling to find words to describe how much I love this. I have read/listened at least 5 times… every time, I am seduced by it, fall in love with it, the decadent seduction of the circus in reverse, the desire so palpable the whole poem is electrified with it. It makes me think of two people intensely attracted to each other, an erotic game of cat and mouse, or mouse and cat, as the case may be. It is soooo feminine, but fierce. It’s a night out with the circus performers, delicate, grimy, filled with sexual tension that would make you want to bite your lip.

    This poem April, is magnificent.

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    1. It’s…. going to take me a few hours to recover from this comment. Rachel. It had the strangest, most glorious effect on me. I want to say I melted – but it’s better… more intense than that. It … ignited me. Like a signal flare. Like kerosene. Like fireflies and Viking funerals. Like a girl capable of burning the whole world down with just a smile.

      You see me. You hear me. And you understand things I am communicating in my words without even consciously knowing I’m communicating them. How… how do you do that? I am honored. I am moved. I am returning to the music box to collapse into your lap and catch my breath. Soothed by staring up at my Odette. You are not a woman you are a galaxy. With stars for feathers 🖤🌟🦢

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      1. Now it is me that needs hours to recover. Your creativity knows no limits, I swear it. I see and hear what you are communicating because the quality of what you write is so incredible. I could not be more genuine in saying that. It always evokes such feeling in me, an excited, energised feeling that prompts my mind to try and capture the essence of that feeling in words. It is you who are a galaxy, with stars for feathers… these words in themselves knock me off my chair. I will remain your music box dancer so I get to adore you every time you open the lid. Fireflies and Viking funerals. Seriously, I’m on the floor.

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      2. Vegas?! Oh no, no darling. We are far too classy for that place. I imagine us having some magical little ceremony in an English rose garden, or in the depths of a Norwegian forest at sunset. Dressed like the childlike empress from ‘The Neverending Story’! 🦢🌿 …. and he might be kinda jealous but too bad he’ll get over it 😂

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