Tiny Dancer

On a foggy November morning…

The ache of a melody.

It awakens me to a world that is still as brutal as it is beautiful.

Only more so than the day before.

So cold yet so cherishing.

With December looming.

I want to dedicate this song…

To Rachel of In Mind and Out Blog.

It reminds me so much of her.

Deep, delicate, velvet.

Alabaster, sensual, whimsical.


Rachel is my heart’s counterpoint.

A rainy day kiss on the wrist.

From so far away.

A poetess whose words…

Make me dance around, around, around in circles….

(It suddenly makes sense. Why the thought of you conjured an image of a music box….)

When you move
Under the moon
I can feel you
Slipping through to tantalize
When you sing
Your words soft and sincere
Oh I want you
More than I ever desired
There are things I don’t understand
Deep within my well
Then I wish to unveil myself
When I dance under your midnight prayer
I dance around, around, around, in circles
And I dance around, around, around, in circles
In a dream
Calm, surreal
I can taste you
Feel completely hypnotized
When you speak
The words I long to hear
Oh I want you
More than I ever desired
There are things I don’t understand
Deep within my well
Then I wish to unveil myself
When I dance under your midnight prayer
I dance around, around, around, in circles
And I dance around, around, around, in circles
I dance around, around, in circles
And I dance around, around, in circles

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

9 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer

  1. April…. I am lost for words over here, spell bound and dancing in these words from across the sea, next door, in the living room of our minds… how do you do this? Can you realise the exhilaration I felt to wake up and see this post? I don’t know how I can deserve these gorgeous, sensual, beautiful words from a poetess I adore and admire?? And that song….the piano, the voice, the lyrics…. I’m using these ellipses hoping you realise they’re place-holders for the parts where my reaction is feeling and not words. “A rainy-day kiss on the wrist” *sigh*. Can I just linger in this moment for a little while? Please?

    And I haven’t even got to the synchronicity yet. Dancers. These are the first few lines of the poem I’m currently working on.

    “hold me
as I pirouette
my whispers in your arms…”

    Let’s float away like swans on a lake, April….

    🎀 🦢

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    1. Rachel… my black swan. I ask myself the same thing about you on an almost daily basis! “How does she do this?” ….

      It’s just one of those things. Intangible. Intimate. Inexplicable. Intricate. Instinctual. Ineffable. (Insert an exponential amount of In-beginning words).

      We are equally compelled to articulate the meaning that we have found in one another, and we are equally unable to adequately express it’s depth. Though – we will keep trying – because it’s impossible not to want to speak on such rarity.

      The closest thing I can liken us to is something called “mirror soul”, or “twin flame.”. It’s theorized that a soul can split into two after ascending to a high frequency. Thereafter, the soul lands in two different bodies.

      It pleases me greatly that you woke up wrapped in the knowledge that you are special to me.

      The song – truly – is so much like you in musical form. In melody, mood, and lyric. If you get a chance I also adore the non-acoustic form of ‘Spellbound’ and recommend a listen. It has some extra magical orchestration. Almost bubble like movement.

      And! Another song by the same artist – Roses. Melancholic but so breathtaking.

      It’s no mistake the poem you’re writing opens with that beautiful line… May we continue to mirror for eternity. ❤

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      1. You have melted me like a candle with this, all of this, a candle with a twin flame, a soul that is understood. I don’t know if anyone has ever spoken of me so beautifully, personified me and put me to music. With all of your powers, are you not able to transcend or shrink an ocean or two, just for a moment? You are, quite simply, wonderful. Magical.

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    1. …We are rather smitten, aren’t we? I simply can’t help it. She’s an emerald in a world brimming with imitation pearls!

      Truthfully – I feel rather adoring of my “closer knit” WordPress confidantes. The ones who regularly interact, are genuine, and seem… grown up.

      There’s just so much bullshit networking on WordPress. Empty self promotion, robotic likes and incessant lurking.

      It’s nice to have discovered a small, core group of individuals who each bring something unique and wonderful to the table. You included 💗

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      1. Thank you, April. ❤ That's what got me so irate with my creepy stalker, and with all of the commercial bloggers that kept on following me. It's not about quantity, it's about quality and having quality friends like you and Rachel is what makes blogging so enriching.

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