Delta of Venus and the Eternal Nothingness



Do tell me, Anaïs—

Does love’s indiscreet hungering ever wane?

Will lust’s obscene loitering ever cease?

Should it feel as anything less

Than siphoned lightening?

How does one appease the devils who dance

In the rafters of recanted memories?

Do beds have ghosts?

Do eyes have ciphers?

Do hearts have cards?

Do tell me, Dame de érotique—

How to be like La Belle Dame sans Merci

 Little birds, faery’s song, et-al

Teach me to be a hedonist

To bequeath my animus to absence

As the shaft of the quill relinquishes the ink

Help me unlearn the words that stir

The reveries in my anatomy

The attractions the size of galaxies 

The names embroidered in the veins

It still burns on the tip of my tongue

It still runs like venom in my vertebrae

Why must it haunt me so?

Even in the throes

Of a utopian placebo?

Within me, without me

The framework of extravagant tragedies

Do tell me, Ms. Nin—

When does the torture end?

How much company, exactly,

Does abject misery entertain?

Is love not but a gossamer moth

Drawn irrevocably to flame?

Is it not but a dragonfly

Hypnotized by its life’s own cruel brevity?

Is it not but a honey bee

Who expires dutifully with a sting?

Is it anything more than a peony

Having begun as just a bud

When tended to courageously blooms

I’ve grown quietly accustomed to deluge, too

I am a girl

On the verge of submersion

Dovetailed in undertows

That beckon me like molten gold

Naked and willingly dazed

My spine raised like a draw bridge

Above the feathered mattress

I have contorted in the penumbra

Of billowing drapes

In the strange shape of unanswered longings

Anything to ease that ache

But the pulpit of flesh finds no respite

In the empty hours

I have memorized the anemones and stilted heron

The weeping wisteria trellis affixed

The goldfinch poised on juniper berries

The resin as it drains from the wild ginseng

I have counted the snags in my stockings

An accounting kept for every tear

Where the primal telegrams of his hands were declared

I have monogrammed every stifled whimper

 Each a scarlet thread

Tethered in the space between

My heart and my head

a. duncan, 2019



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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

23 thoughts on “Delta of Venus and the Eternal Nothingness

  1. This was one of your best ever, April! Such memorable images in a fitting tribute to wistful love – especially ‘The weeping wisteria trellis affixed / ‘The goldfinch poised on juniper berries’ and the gossamer moth and honey bee. ❤ I'm speechless – you expressed it brilliantly! Such a beautiful piano melody accompanying your words 😀

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    1. Ahhhhhhh Tom, darling! I just knew you’d like this one. You’ve already had me blushing 37 times this week with your unfailing support so I’m not sure how to express my gratitude for all that you do and say to motivate and nurture my art … but I am so pleased this one caught you in a special way. I felt as I was reciting – it was special. Just, something about it. Very organic and honestly … me. As always Tom you are so appreciated and valued. ❤

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  2. April. My response to this does not come from a place where words exist to describe it. The places are ethereal, physical, sensual, feminine. I don’t think I’m able to describe it in words. This is seriously otherworldly, I need to listen/watch/read/absorb again so I can try and collect this reaction…. the music, the images, the words, everything.

    Truly, this is incredible. I would love to share this on my blog with your permission, but understand entirely if you do not want me to…

    A woman is a poem. You are a poem. Read her, adore her, indeed. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Oh Rachel… How does one even begin to respond to such wildly meaningful praise…? My goodness – thank you… I am so incredibly honored and humbled by your feedback, Rachel. To the point of tears. I hold the highest esteem for you as a writer and equally so as a human being so this… this reaction is just beyond poignant and special to me. I can’t possibly express my gratitude in words. You are such a rare and beautiful creature that I am blessed for having found on this platform!!

      Of course you can share – you always have my permission. Please know… You just made my entire year with this response. I sincerely wish I could hug you. ♥️🖤 you too are a poem, a sonnet, a song, a siren.

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      1. Anais is my idol…. she single handedly influenced my resolve to write whether my writing ever went anywhere professionally or not. Just for the passion of it all. So this …….. this comment is now engraved on my heart forever ❤ I adore you Rachel thank you

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  3. I followed Rachel here and I must give praise where praise is due. This was stunning. I felt a little drunk reading your words and I am in awe of your ability to weave such a delicate and gossamer spell with your words. Gorgeous poem, I am sure I will be back to re read it many times.

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    1. Oh, wow… What a heart melting response!! How can I thank you for such a lovely compliment?? The fact you said it made you feel a little drunk made my heart skip a beat!! Thank you for such thoughtful feedback. Any friend of Rachel’s is a friend of mine. I look forward to burying myself in your writing too. I adore the name “ebonyandcrows” so I have a feeling I will be reading and seeing more of you, my dear! ❤

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      1. Ah I am only but an amateur attempting to write as beautifully as Rachel, and now, you. You are very welcome for the feedback, I truly meant every word. Incredible poetry always makes me wonder at the mind of the person behind the words—I always envision that it is vast and dark and rich. Hoarding all manner of treasures.

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      2. Hoarding all manner of treasures… what a *beautiful* line. You say you are but an amateur, and yet, in casual commentary you write something that poetic?… I would wager you are far more talented than you give yourself credit for. 😉 I’m so pleased to have met your acquaintance. (You are now a treasure that I shall hoard, haha.)

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      3. That made me laugh! Thank you about the treasure comment ♥️ I am not attempting false modesty, I promise, it’s just that when I read something that is so beautifully written that is in a different style than the way my mind composes words, I feel that I have a long way to go still. But that is the beauty of individuality isn’t it? We are constantly pleasantly surprised when we unearth the gem of someone’s art.

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  4. Does love’s indiscreet hungering ever wane?
    Will lust’s obscene loitering ever cease?
    Should it feel as anything less

    Apt questions for those immersed. Simply gorgeous writing, as both Larisa and Rachel have written. Beautiful.

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