the expectations of declarations

Let the words be heard for that is all they know

As the wings of ravens made haven

In the rainy skies of long ago

Drawn to a giant Rorschach horizon

A congress of ink blots squall like sirens

Ever dismissive of Aether’s fickle permissive 

Theirs is a somber conceit

An unmistakable locution

Released by means of belief

That in sound there lay sanctity

A timbre that clamors and resonates

From the tenderness within all things

And silence, a disease of the faithless

Awaits it’s end by our lips eradications

As such are the expectations of declarations

a. duncan, 2019


featured artwork: Michael Creese

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

15 thoughts on “the expectations of declarations

      1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks for always being such an encouraging reader & taking the time to leave such supportive comments on my work. It really means the world coming from such a talented writer as yourself 😀 x

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      2. Aw, Tom. What a sweet thing to say. I feel the same and thank you for being such a support and genuine human being. You are an immensely talented writer and I am grateful I get to lose myself in your stories and interact with you daily about literature and art!

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    1. I had the strangest feeling when I was writing this – that, that specific line would resonate with you. I’m so glad my hunch was correct. Your support is so precious to me, missy. You always see straight to the heart of my creative efforts and that’s both validating and humbling. You sweet little kiwi. 🥝

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  1. Listening to your voice is intelligently hypnotic and you recite poetry with such depth.

    I love these lines among others:

    “Drawn to a giant Rorschach horizon

    A congress of ink blots squall like sirens”

    You paint by using the right colors to bring out the words in the most surrealist way possible.

    I love this one a lot. 🙂

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    1. Oh Charlie. You are not only a brilliant writer, a madly creative intellectual, a loyal and loving friend, but you also have a hidden talent…. making April blush! You have written several comments on my work recently that have gotten my cheeks flushed with pink! I am not sure how to thank you for always giving me such genuine and meaningful support. You inspire me.

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