I think I can (I think I can)

The Question: 

Train A, traveling 70 mph, leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away.
At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford.
When do the two trains meet?

My Answer

What do they sound like? What happens if one crashes? Would they ever meet?
What if both are just a figment of my imagination to begin with?
Are the seats lined in tweed or crushed velvet?
Who is conducting and are they qualified to do so?
Who is riding and what are they running away from?

His love was a long black locomotive

But he was no simple toy machine

No, that man’s coal is particularly potent

Filling my body’s arcane stations

With the scalding steam and tenebrous melodies

Emanating from his heart’s iron calliope

He tears through my tunnels

Like a hollow point bullet train

My very own baritone roar on rails

The dangers rising as he careens toward me

His darkened cars harboring a circus syndicate

Malignant narcissist harlequins

Sleeping tigers in ornate cages

Entertainment for all ages

Our collision’s inevitable

His convulsing engines never slowing

Leaving me on my knees

In the plume

Of his smokestack lightening 

a. duncan, 2019


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

15 thoughts on “I think I can (I think I can)

  1. What can I say??? I LOVE the way your mind works – you could look at the numbers, of you could take the April route of sensual and dangerous submission to this train ride that once you’re on, you don’t want to get off… (double entendre not intentional, but now that it’s there, it seems a shame to delete it).

    The fox is the perfect spirit animal for you. Ive said similar before, but I want to pat you, but I’m scared you’ll bite me 🦊 🖤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I really should have proofread that comment, too many errors. But, I’m feeling good about the permission to pat and endorsement of the double entendres 😂.

        Happy to be your exotic bird/jewellery box ballerina ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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