Some Enchanted Evening

The utopian whimsy of fairytale endures

Seared so very tenderly within me

Ignited by delightful, childlike incantations

The delicately hued occultist flames that still radiate 

To this day, with all the eternal arcanum of freemasonry

I was the girl who was tall even when she was small

Basking in the warmth of inextinguishable fictions

As they illuminated my inner poetic landscapes

I summoned earthen pixies and pastel paper lanterns

To drift to blissful exodus as I performed pirouettes

In the carmine daydreams of eternal summer

And it was— the most enchanting kind of sabotage

The world had yet to disclose

That glass slippers are actually immensely fragile caskets

Dainty, prismatic prison terms

That rapunzels hair would be let down

Seeking to tie me like apron strings

But it was too late to turn back 

I’d already become hopelessly devoted

To a romanticized version of everything

Taken by the undulating light of fireflies

I saw ancient faces in trees that seemed

To be awaiting my awakening

And oh, the betrayal when the spells

Revealed themselves to be ineffectual 

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men

Couldn’t be found yet they still guide my pen

a. duncan, 2019




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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

23 thoughts on “Some Enchanted Evening

  1. ”And it was— the most enchanting kind of sabotage
    The world had yet to disclose
    That glass slippers are actually immensely fragile caskets”

    This poem reads like a fairytale in itself, magical, beautiful, but. with the realisation there is a poisoned apple and a casket for a slipper. I listened to your recital of it and the song, I felt a mourning for the part of me who believed life was all fairy godmothers and waking from a poisoned sleep.

    As always, I’m in love with your words ❤️

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    1. And as always you understood my inspiration, metaphor and mood as if you were inside my heart/head as I wrote it. I find myself contemplating my relationship to fairytale and “happy ending” philosophies often.

      Having a little girl who embodies so much innocence and imagination. Seeing through her eyes that everything contains magic. I remember myself that way. And it also reminds me how part of that dichotomy still lives and breathes in me to this day.

      I do grieve for growing up… for learning the harsh truth of this world. But I am also hopelessly drawn to that romance. I think all writers are…

      You are the best Rachel. I value your friendship and feedback more than I can say. 🎀♥️

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      1. Honestly, I am in just that kind of mood that those words of connection and warmth fill me with a well of emotion that I feel just beyond my eyelids and somewhere in my chest 💝 ❤️.

        Your poem is truly brilliant, I wish we could keep that innocence you so beautifully capture.


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