Feign Tame

Foxes do not wear collars

As obedience is a purely menial task

And collars are not conducive

To one’s elusive cravings for mayhem

Foxes are factually drawn to chaos

Their favorite kind requires silence

And bells are ruiners of stealth

Jingles are the Achilles heel

Of diabolical reveals

Foxes can feign tame for a time

Until the wild reclaims

And leather grows awfully weathered

When tethered to rust and blood

a. duncan, 2019



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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

69 thoughts on “Feign Tame

      1. I also imagine you having a humble, jolly kind of laugh. I have no idea why, thats just how I picture you. And if bears were people – I feel like they’d laugh like that. Also you probably climb trees pretty proficiently. And! You have a lovely garden where bees visit. Bees make honey. Bears like honey. Thus, bear. (lol)

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      2. …. Methinks you are flattering me, sir. But I’m blushing regardless. Thank you. I’m quite boring when I’m not writing poetry, lol.

        I’m… also a little worried that you didn’t seem to think those two people were the same. Does my face shapeshift or something?

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      3. You are so sweet Rob. And so close but no cigar. One is a seductress, the other is a *submissive*. People are surprised by that because I’m rather assertive, even intimidating in my convictions and approach. But thats the fun of it – I will allow myself be pinned down by an alpha. 😉

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      4. I’m gonna copy and paste what I just sent to Rachel to you:

        I’ve been speaking to WordPress in the help chat. I noticed a lot of files and photos I recently uploaded – but never published or used in a draft – were being accessed and downloaded. This spooked me and I reached out for some clarification. They’re telling me point blank that anything we upload on the back end of WordPress is public. I.e. photos, videos, audio files. It doesn’t have to be posted, published, or even drafted. It becomes public if someone wants to find it – and they don’t have any explanation for how people are doing this. They just keep telling me if I upload it, it’s now available to every creep and psychopath on the World Wide Web. Maybe I’m foolish but I had no idea anyone could access our uploads or personal files unless we expressly published them. I’ve repeatedly asked for reference on this, for a link to a policy or mention of this in their terms of service. I’m being told it isn’t in their terms or policies because they just assume “everyone knows” that uploads on the backend of WordPress are public domain and any private thing we have in there is free use. so I’m desperately reaching out to fellow users to find out if I’ve just been naive and everyone knows this or not.

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      5. I mean that article at least makes some sense – considering it concerns designating authors who have some access in the dashboard. But what WordPress told me today is this (and these are direct quotes from our discussion):

        – “Public files are public, there are many ways to find public files that don’t require them to be listed in a page. It is odd, but not unheard of.”

        – “It isn’t easy to find the files, but they can be downloaded, technically.”

        – “It doesn’t need to be in a post or page to be public. It is public as soon as you add it to media.”

        They also told me point blank they have nothing in their policy or terms of service alerting us to this because the assumption is that we should just know not publishing something still means it’s public…? I had some private things in my media uploads and I’m livid they don’t make us aware of this – whether they think it should be obvious or not!

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      6. There’s no excuse for them not to disclose this! I did more reading on security and the easiest safeguard is to name your files something not sequential. Random alpha/numerical file names that have random can make it nearly impossible for anyone to find. They don’t have access to your library, but if they guess the name of a file, they can see it. I went through this on a photo share service I had used for eBay. I hope your private photo wasn’t taken. For me, all of my private photos are now public, except for one.

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      7. I agree wholeheartedly. I’m not concerned about private photos of myself, I don’t believe I have any uploaded here but even if I did and some random someone sees or saves them – it’s not really a problem for me. The human body is the human body, no big deal.

        But I *am* certifiably pissed that they can access photos of my daughter, and audio recordings of poems before I’ve even published them. I should get to choose when/if I share photos of her on social media and those are always on the most private settings imaginable.

        I am fiercely protective of my child and my art. Fuck with those and I’m going on the war path.

        This also opens up a frightening door for plagiarism. If I record a poem before posting it – someone can download it and post it as theirs. That’s so fucked up. WordPress has a legal and ethical duty to make their users aware of this risk. If I hadn’t stumbled on this by accident I would have never known and that’s beyond unacceptable.

        So. You are correct Rob that there is absolutely no excusable reason that this isn’t disclosed to us in some form. I would have to shut up and bare it if I’d just missed it in the terms of service. But the WordPress representative (who both condescended and shamed me during our discussion because they just assume everyone with “common sense” knows how this works?) told me it isn’t there. If it isnt there, that’s a huge fucking problem.

        As of this moment, I’ve asked 10 fellow WordPress bloggers and NOT ONE knew this was a possibility.

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      8. Agreed! The last time I chatted in I spoke with a woman and she was so friendly and helpful. I don’t know who I was conversing with this time but it was such a negative experience, on top of the fact I have a problem with this happening on their platform without any disclosure. He suggested multiple times I must be naive.

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  1. The way I can interpret your brilliant poem is two ways.

    1. Foxes are the most beautiful creatures on earth and nature to them is required a bit of chaos when it is seen in front of them and mayhem begins.

    2. Foxes is a metaphor of fierceness and fearless. The power of woman is strong within and will not take any bullshit from anyone’s ignorance.

    Hope I interpret this one well. I love this poem of yours and of course, your voice is beautifully well spoken. 🙂

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    1. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. You never cease to amaze me. Both interpretations are unequivocally true, and you worded them with such eerie accuracy – it’s as if you’ve been reading my diary! My friend your comments are always the highlight of my day. I can’t tell you how nice it is that you see right to the core of my creativity. I might have to shrink you down and keep you in a music box right beside Rachel.

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      1. You are welcome, April. 🙂

        I just kept re-reading and re-listening to your voice and trying to deeply understand how you expressed your work with emotion and intelligence.

        That’s how I was able to interpret your work to the best of my knowledge and heart.

        Your creativity is always bursting with truth, fury, and power. You are the voice that we poets as a community need. 🙂

        Well, go right ahead and shrink me down. Rachel and I, can recite our poetry in a collaboration to you. 🙂

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  2. Right, how am I going to let you know just how much I love this poem…

    I love the feminine ferocity that you manage to radiate so delicately but with fierceness that is undeniable and that might bite you at any moment – and you can’t help it, you kind of wish it would. Because, you know, foxes can only feign tame for a time, and they do not, do NOT wear collars.

    It’s weird to say, but I feel like feasting on this poem. Like you’ve unleashed some inner fox within 😂🔥

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    1. Yaaaaaas! I’m SO pleased you felt this and your reaction was so visceral – that’s exactly what I wanted this piece to inspire!

      Confession: I have found that almost all things that are pleasurable parallel very closely with pain. Drug intoxication, sexual activity, consuming food rich in calories/sugar, any number of enjoyable feelings/experiences are at the same also – quite literally – capable of hurting us, and at worst killing us. What a paradox, huh? So it makes sense (to me) that viciousness also mirrors sensuality. Biting and kissing aren’t so different, if you think about it 😉

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