Bottom’s up



down the rabbit hole, she goes

In her minds dilated eyes

The syrinx abyss unfolds

Towards unknown wonders

That bloom and brim asunder



down the rabbit hole, she drowns

Swirling with lost’s and found’s

Bottom’s up in a porcelain cup

She heaves with the buoyancy

Of eerie tea leaves



down the rabbit hole, she drips

Betwixt reveries and curiosities

Among copper foxes and poems

Minor chords and honeycombs

Persian rugs and metronomes



tock, says the day-glo clock

Have you taken stock

Of your madness, today?

Blink and you might miss it

 These walls are scrawled

In perhaps you should listen’s

There is no factual fix for anti-gravity

Until there is

Punctuality is just flattery

But to rabbits it actually matters

As a formality

Remember, redemption never waits

And devils plan accordingly

By the way—

There’s no such thing as fate


The are no doors, nor carpenters

Nor keys, nor walruses

Nor cabbages, nor chessboards with kings

Only ravens and writing desks

And bottles marked ‘arsenic’

But no matter the craving

Never take a sip

Or you’ll end up unraveling

Stitch by stitch by stitch

x  – –   x  – –  x

a. duncan, 2019


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

22 thoughts on “Bottom’s up

  1. Another brilliant piece, April! Love the colourful imagery throughout, especially ‘Minor chords and honeycombs / Persian rugs and metronomes’ captures Lewis Carroll’s quirky magical world perfectly!
    P.S. I’ve linked to your About page and three of your poems in my previous Blogger Recognition Award (it’s in my Blogging header). Hopefully it’ll get more readers interested in some new blogs. Looking forward to reading more of your poems! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love the references in your work. One of my favorite Elvis Costello songs makes a reference to Carroll’s work, too: “So in this almost empty gin palace
        Through a two-way looking glass
        You see your Alice”

        It’s from a song called Beyond Belief.

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      2. I’m so flattered that you noticed! There’s often a heavy dose of source / reference material in my poetry. Some tributes and metaphors are more “blatant” than others. Like this piece. But it’s typically more abstract and cleverly hidden.

        That’s the fascinating element about poetry – for me. When I compose something there is a lot of research involved, aspects that compliment or build on the original spark/idea/emotion/experience.

        I dive for parallels in literature, music, art, history. And then hide little clues and odes throughout. The magic is waiting for that moment when another writer recognizes it. Especially when it’s obscure.

        So thank you, for giving me that satisfied smile today. I adore Elvis Costello. Carroll’s work is an inspiration to so many, but I’ve found musicians in particular seem to gravitate to the material. I wonder why that is.

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  2. Your montage blended in with your poetic words are sure to have ‘Lewis Caroll’ smiling and feeling so happy. 🙂

    The rabbit hole did take me to this journey of yours and I love it so much. The lanuage and words are vividly great and the imagery is so satisfying. Another masterpiece of your creative brilliance. 🙂

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      1. I have written two posts about the illustrations to Alice and it’s influence in Surrealism, one which includes White Rabbit. I have also written a poem vaguely based on the Rabbit as well, which might be of interest. Curious and curiouser.

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  3. I feel like Alice would be very happy to fall down this version of the rabbit hole. In fact, I think she would feel right at home here amongst such genius lines like:
    “Among copper foxes and poems
    Minor chords and honeycombs
    Persian rugs and metronomes”

    I love the melody of your writing. The gentle rhyme that takes me by the hand and guides me down, down, down.

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    1. I’m literally obsessed with Alice so this was not only extremely and utterly delightful to me to write this, but also brought back so many fun memories from my childhood …. pretending to be her. I wish you and I could fall down a rabbit hole and go adventuring together!!!!

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