On the first day God created paper airplanes

And with a disinterested flick of the divine wrist

An immense sky became, brimming with twinkling lights

For use of which he considered the gift of flight

But only on the condition of wings

And those would only be for bird-like things

Of which he hadn’t yet conceived

He kept it strictly confidential that, at his leisure

Stars harbored the potential to induce epileptic seizures

But he had not yet created convulsions, either

Nor humans that would be subject

To the invention of arbitrary suffering

Even the most devoted and this would be puzzling

On the second day God created lies

And with a wry smile he devised

Of them all, the largest in scale

That he, himself, The God of Man

Could not possibly be a female

a. duncan, 2019

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

37 thoughts on “Divinity

      1. Oh darn. Those are less fun. Haha. Let’s see …. a superpower ….. hmmm …… I’d have to go with mind reading. I would be endlessly fascinated by lurking in other people’s thoughts. What about you??

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      2. Okay, what about possessing superhero powers of evil? what would you do with that power?

        As for me? Good powers. Time traveler/telekinesis/ & fly. 🙂

        I’d possess all those powers to go back in time and save events during that time. And also, now. 🙂

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      3. As for evil… *Rubs her hands together and grins* … I’d want to have a venomous kiss like poison ivy, the ability to restrain others with just my mind, I wouldn’t mind having a siren call… and… to always shoot straight – never miss an intended target 😉 you???

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      4. Are you a fan of Poison Ivy? Do you read DC comics? Or Marvel comics? Or both?

        Me??? I’d have the ability of ‘Rogue’s power. Anyone that touches me would die from Absorption of their strengths, memories, etc…etc. That’s why I would wear gloves. 🙂

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      5. I am a fan of almost all comic and film villainess’. Extra points if they’re not truly evil, but have to do bad things for good causes. Which is why I’m very fond of Pamela Isley (poison ivy). She’s trying to save nature at all costs, much like the heroine in my graphic novel. Also have a thing for redheads 😉 I’m not so much a fan of Marvel comics or X-men. DC is darker and more my style. Some of the marvel characters are intriguing (Jean Grey for example, Storm, Wolverine, Magneto) but aesthetically they aren’t my cup of tea. What about you??

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      6. Villains are the best. Poison Ivy is awesome! and I feel like she’s underrated in the comic book world. She’s present yes, but you don’t hear much talk about her as being one of the most interesting villains. Hoping DC films puts her on the spotlight. 🙂

        Redheads huh? What do you think about ‘Black Widow’? She’s hot in the comics and kicks so much ass. And what about ‘Black Widow’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

        Well, let’s separate comics vs. films.

        I agree in the comic universe X-men are pretty dark in terms of character development. And i can also agree 100% that DC has the better Villains than Marvel comics. 🙂

        Now, for film. So far the best of the best Villain introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been ‘Thanos’. He had a purpose of what he wanted to do with the Infinity stones. Bring balance to the universe. It’s as if you sympathized with him. That’s one of the things that made of the Villain in the Marvel movies. Another great Villain in the Marvel movies are: “Erik Killmonger” Black Panther, Adrian Toomes aka, Vulture in ‘Spiderman: Homecoming, Loki, Hele from – Thor: Ragnarok, And Baron Zemo from Captain America: Civil War.

        DC extended Universe today. Their villains haven’t been so captivating. Believe me…I want their villains to beat Marvel’s and they’ll get there. They just need a strong support system from the studios to give them the freedom and take a risk on their villains for people to really say; damn! that is a damn good villain. I’m hoping the solo of the Joker does bring DC movies into the map for audience. I love the Joker and let’s not forget ‘Suicide Squad movie, harley quinn kicked ass and she’s so amazing I can’t wait for her movie to come out. 🙂

        Yes, I’m a nerd of comics and movies. 🙂

        I love Bane, The Riddler, & The Scarecrow. To me the scarecrow is very underrated but I love that character.

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      7. Oh Charlie this is so rad. I had to read it a few times to make sure I was understanding all the different (and smart) connections you were making between the films, the comics, and the character progressions between the different houses/universes. I have so much to say in response to this but I am short on time this evening. Tomorrow morning you will get the proper reply you deserve. I have a couple different thoughts and questions for you. I’m so impressed by your knowledge of this!!!! (By the way black widow is a total bad ass but she just doesn’t do it for me! Must be the hair 😉 and I adore the Joker, Scarecrow, Riddler, Harleen Quinzel and Selina Kyle. Batman is bland to me. Oh, so many opinions to share tomorrow! Xo)

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      8. I’m open to listen and read your take on the comics, film, and character world of villains/superheros. 🙂

        You and I, have a lot in common. Electronic music, dark poetic themes, and comic books? April, you rock and you are awesome. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful Poetry
    It’s funny to think that so many people believe God is a white dude.
    I for one am agnostic, bordering on atheism. However, if there is a God out there, I highly doubt they are even human or look human with a gender role 😛
    Nice thought provoking piece. You have great style.

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    1. Oh, Mathew! Thank you, sir. Your comment gave my heart a little flutter. This is exactly the conversation I wanted this piece to inspire. I, like you, am a healthy cynic/agnostic but I do feel and experience spirituality in nature. Which is why – if there were some magical force behind all of this madness – to me, it has a more female resembling essence. Both nurturing and insane, haha. I also agree it’s not something with an actual gender and it’s definitely not a white dude with a beard. I have had so many conversations with Christians and when I ask them what makes them so sure “he” is a “he”, they all remark because it’s a “he” in the Bible. And then my brain melts. Lol.


      1. Lmao the classic “it was in the bible so it must be true” arguement. *Face Palm*. Life must be nice not to have to think for yourself.

        Even if God passed his messages to those who wrote the bible, the bible has passed through the hands of far too many men for me to believe it’s not corrupted and shaped by men.

        My personal opinion. 😊

        My goal is to never belittle another’s beliefs but my mind is fueled on logic and if I can’t debate something or talk the logic of it. I get really cranky.

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      2. Ignorance is indeed bliss. I have to admit. Sometimes I envy their strange, blind faith. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about possessing … ya know, common sense and intellect. But sometimes I lose sleep for trying to figure out what the hell is going on, how this all started. It would be nice, once in a while, to just go ‘no worries April God’s at the wheel’…. okay as soon as I typed that I laughed and felt ridiculous. Hahaha.

        But yes, live and let live. Until you’re stepping on peoples basic human rights and then kindly fuck off.

        I agree with everything you just said. I feel most at peace in nature. there’s no rules there like in churches, yet I am so much more reverent.

        Your approach is wise.


      3. Well I was raised Catholic until I left highschool and politely said “Fuck this shit”. How can you listen to rules like “Thou shalt not murder” from the same church that led the Crusades and slaughtered millions? Or slaughtered those who didnt share their beliefs during the inquisition?

        Sounds more like the tongue of the devil to me.

        I believe in “The Universe” and the Universe will take care of you April 🥰

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      4. How funny… I too was raised Catholic. Luckily it wasn’t a formal education. Just church on weekends and some cataclysm classes here and there. Mostly I learned how to make lambs out of cotton balls. Really important and deep spiritual stuff hahaha.

        It’s interesting we both grew up and in that branch of religion and one day both went … um yeah this is a fucking hypocrisy BYE.

        But I must confess Mathew (see that guilt still lingers!) that I still have a soft spot for Catholic iconography, art and architecture. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling from pillar candles, lithograph prayer cards, gold leaf and/or marble statues with pious and/or agonized expressions, ornate archways. The aesthetic heavily influenced my minds landscape.

        Besides the mass murdering, denial of reproductive rights and child molestation… how do they expect me to believe all those animals fit on the arc. Come onnnnn. Lmao

        The universe sees you too, and will see to your bliss.


      5. Send me the link to your favorite post please that you’ve written. I’m intrigued by your brain. 😁

        P.s. You can love their fine architecture and ornate whatevers all you want. Theres nothing hypocritical about material design is there? 😋

        They did make some pretty things to represent their prestige that’s for sure. Gods been sitting pretty on his devout followers wealth 😉 Or her… excuse me

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      6. The feeling is immensely mutual and I politely request the same. Provide me some recommendations from your repertoire? Which ones represent you.

        Considering our hilarious (and insightful) discussion of Catholicism – you should definitely give ‘if only’ a read. You’ll immediately understand why. Both in metaphor and aesthetic. 🤭 (https://foxesandpoems.com/2019/05/16/if-only/)

        I had a minor existential crisis trying to decide which poems I would consider my best. That’s a complex decision, they represent different facets in time and varying moods. And some of the ones that get the most audience praise aren’t even my favorites!

        So I’ll just mention a few for your consideration – based solely on how much I enjoyed writing them.

        ‘le quatrième mois’ an lush, erotic ode to T.S. Eliot and The Wasteland. (https://foxesandpoems.com/2019/05/02/le-quatrieme-mois/)

        ‘such is the curse of the stars’ which is a musing on love, inherent loneliness, and the galaxy at large (https://foxesandpoems.com/2018/12/29/such-is-the-curse-of-the-stars/)

        ‘before this’ a sultry little pulp fiction, social commentary about pretentious men and the weak women they crave (https://foxesandpoems.com/2019/02/07/before-this/)

        You win most brilliant comment ending of the year. Had me dying with laughter at “or her, excuse me” 🤣♥️

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      7. Hahahah. I’m glad you liked that. I wasn’t even trying to be funny. Perhaps slightly sarcastic hahah,

        I’m checking out your poems now. I’ll warn you though that not all of my work is poetry, but my poems are my favorite for sure. My most popular work is actually an interview series that I do with established bloggers and authors. Some of my most popular posts aren’t my favorites either but they seem to be the ones which help others most.

        Let me see… I’ll show you my favorites…

        This post I had just written is very powerful to me, but it’s not a poem.

        Here’s a poem that I made for a young blogger friend a little while ago:

        My favorites are often my darkest:

        And here’s my two most well-received poems:


        Phew! I’m glad you gave me like 5 links to check out because it’s so hard to pick, isn’t it???

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      8. Oh Jesus – yes it is!!! I wasn’t kidding when I said I was having a slight crisis – but it makes sense because writing reflects ever changing and layering interests, influences, eras, etc. I’m so glad you shared several, too. I didn’t realize your blog wasn’t solely poetry! Very interesting.

        Well— wish me lush I’m about to fall head first down the most fascinating rabbit hole. 🕳 🐇

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