It’s so nice to see you again

“What the fox cannot reach he allows to hang.”

— Greek Proverb


Empathy is a desert highway

And there

On the shoulder with hazard’s flashing

Conviction, my most reliable lover

Awaits me with the engine idling

Flicking nickels, errantly

Into a tarnished ashtray

He’s bucket seat restless

Cracks his spine to pass the time

My personal chaperone to disaster

Of well meaning mistakes

Of risks taken

On the truly undeserving

He doesn’t have to linger long

It’s hard to miss my silhouette, approaching

He hurriedly folds up a road map

Marked “Hades”

Crams it into a glove box in disarray

Before opening my door

Like the true gentleman, he is

Ensures I’m buckled tightly

For the journey

It’s so nice to see you, again..”

a. duncan, 2019


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

12 thoughts on “It’s so nice to see you again

    1. Thank you my dear! The handsome male figure represents “conviction”, one of my most passionate qualities. It’s also the quality that tends to get me the most hurt, haha. I will not hesitate to speak my mind when I feel something isn’t right or fair, in defense of the defenseless, or on issues of significance (relationships, human and animal rights, politics, kindness, environment, feminism, etc.)

      It’s often a thankless job and I get burned trying to protect people who – sometimes – don’t deserve or return my advocacy.

      This is why the figure is waiting for me but doesn’t have to wait long. Because I seem to end back there, often. They say the road to hell is paved in good intentions 😉

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