Ode to Honeymoon

At first the thirst is consuming

Doleful eyes and manic cravings

The vehement intrigue

Lending an apple wax shine

To every inane detail

Paper mache butterflies

Hung with twine

A debutante ball brimming

With cardboard constellations

An era

Affectionately known as ‘pre-war’

Before the necessity

For antebellum therapy

Virginal hearts bask

In the insistence of clarity

In the staccato of a dollar store cello

She smiles and it’s an Viennese waltz

That coincidentally plays

In a Hitchcock film

The fleeting renaissance of flattery

When love has yet to collect its due

Or lovers have become casualties

Self proclaimed soul mates

Incessantly cajoled

By the musings of a cosmic loon

Cupid, the self congratulatory bastard

The baby faced gaslighter

Hiding behind a valentine

Having consumed one too many oysters

He refrains from admittance

That his matchmaking’s random

And he’ll never confess

To the gruesome humor

In the fine print

Ah, the honeymoon

A time when a thousand neon bees

Swarm forth, inundating diligence

With the hum of desperation

Piñata hearts praying away

The warning signs

Before bursting apart

With the stale candy of maturity

A cavalier masquerade

Where the masks have yet to fall off

And promises as authentic

As trailer park tarot

Too soon it looms

Another ending to beginnings bliss

a. duncan, 2019

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

10 thoughts on “Ode to Honeymoon

  1. Cupid, the self congratulatory bastard

    The baby faced gaslighter

    Hiding behind a valentine

    Having consumed one too many oysters

    He refrains from admittance

    That his matchmaking’s random

    And he’ll never confess

    To the gruesome humor

    In the fine print –

    Haha. This made me laugh out loud. Extremely well written btw. You’re so eloquent and I love the vein of sarcasm that runs through some of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you!! I so love making people laugh. This piece was beyond fun to write – sarcasm flows pretty naturally for me (always has) so I’m extremely pleased to hear it gave you an audible chuckle! Satire is timeless. ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You know what Charlie. You’re like the fourth person to tell me I should look into work reciting audio books in the last week. I’m beginning to think it might be something the universe wants me to pursue. Thank you as always my friend for understanding the emotional nuisances in my work.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My apologies for the phrasing of the sentence. I meant, you should write a book. Seriously.

        If you ever consider to write your first book. Please let me know and everyone else here on WordPress.

        P.S Have you ever gone to open mic poetry where you’re at?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I would love to write a book!

        I started (many months ago) writing a graphic novel. The concept centers around a young female protagonist who lives in the Deep South, and the distrust of the government has grown to a boiling point and there’s massive civil unrest, rioting and marshal law is in effect. She lives in a run down trailer with her alcoholic stepfather and sort of withdraws into her own mind to escape the abuse at home and widespread anarchy/violence/conflict engulfing the nation.

        She finds solace in nature and often wanders the backwoods late at night to convene with animals and the trees. Its the only place she feels truly loved and understood. Anyway – eventually her stepfather (who hunts purely for fun) brings home a mother deer and dawn that he killed and it deeply disturbs her, having seen the pair before and found their bond to be beautiful since she’s motherless. An emotional and violent argument ensues and she snaps.

        She grabs a shotgun and executes him for his crimes against nature. Takes all the weapons. Burns down the trailer. Steals his motorcycle and takes to the backroads and forests to…. hunt the hunters. 🙂 it’s called “The Fawn”…

        Is she a villain? An antihero? A serial killer? A righteous defender of the natural world? The novel asks the audience to ponder this.

        The problem is that I have a poets mind so I write a few pages and then my brain demands that I stop. I’m not used to having to flesh out longer storylines and additionally it’s difficult not to write it like a poem!! But slowly it’s coming to life…

        Unfortunately we don’t have poetry readings in the Bible Belt. But I do force my husband and friends to listen to me recite frequently hahaha

        Thank you so much for always engaging me in such lovely conversation and for daily inspiring me!

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      3. Graphic novels are amazing and has a depth to them as well. I love your concept on the lead character. It’s something I think any reader would have to guess if she is either bad, good, or Antihero. I think just by you giving me the synopses. She is Antihero. Then again, I would have to read more into your story for me to figure out where she stands.

        I’m so proud of you. Please do continue to write your graphic novel. Don’t rush, take your time. Like all works patience and time. 🙂

        That is so cool. Your husband and friends gather around and listen to you recite poetry. That is amazing. I wish I can do that with my family. Unfortunately, they’d trip out or not have a clue what they just heard. hahahahaha!!!!

        I always do enjoy our conversations. You are such a talented and very intelligent human. Bless you my friend. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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