With the agony of Keats

I want to be acquainted esoterically

With the wilting agony of Keats

I want a feverish apex in Italy

To end with metaphysical conceit

I want to aspirate on avarice

I want the Reaper’s lust

To be ravenous

I want to succumb

To a sickness of lung

I want to be a poet of unspeakable rarity

Hemorrhaging from every orifice

With sincerity

I want intimacy injected

Directly into my arteries

I want a love that resembles blood

So unsavory it rivals Byron

I want to drown in a biblical flood

 Of death bed desires

I want my veins to feel like melting wires

In an electrical fire, of verse

I want to end in indentations

Pressed down like typewriter keys

I want monuments made of hardened flesh

Erected to my memory

I want your hands to have

All the urgency of a chapters finality

I want to be filled with your prodigy

Fuck the brilliance out of me

Inundated with ecstasy and augury

I want given a eulogy

I want my last words to be

A thing of beauty

I want made to cry ‘Endymion’ 

Again and again

Oh, bright star

Embalm me in your repertoire

Bid me fond adieu

 I want to die from consumption

The sweet consumption of you

a. duncan, 2019

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

22 thoughts on “With the agony of Keats

  1. I love the hungryness of this, not just rolling, absent minded hunger, but starving, stabbing, biting hunger that grabs with hands and teeth exactly what it desires and devours it. And, it’s a literary and psychological work of art.

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    1. This……. comment. Has me so, so giddy and humbled. You completely understood (as always) and saying it’s a work of art is one of the highest and nicest compliments I have EVER received. I can’t possibly thank you enough for such a gorgeous response!

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    1. I hope I did Keats proud! I’m so flattered you enjoy my voice so, Charlie. Instills confidence to keep reciting and recording.

      I was afraid the Keats references would go over most people’s heads but ultimately I was speaking to other writers, not the general population. So it no longer mattered if the hints were widely understood.

      I also found myself wondering if this piece was too dark. Comparing lust to death. I had to ask myself if people would think it was some kind of death wish or suicidal ideation – with lines like “I want to die”. I paused to contemplate the way this might be perceived, and also, with topics that tow a fine line with sensitive topics, that it wasn’t glamorizing death in some way. As writers we have a responsibility to be true to our visions but there should be careful consideration of how our art will persuade others, even if it isn’t our intention.

      But I do feel that death and lust have much in common and used the passing of an exceptional poet to contrast and compare those parallels. However it’s not a one way street. Death can be agonizing and lust heavenly. Conversely death can be beautiful and lust tormenting.

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      1. You did justice. 🙂

        Too dark is never too dark. You’ve written the perfect balance and with the right vision that you as a writer felt and needed to express.

        I definitely understand about certain topics being too sensitive and like you said its how one approaches the subject matter and with good educational intentions.

        Death and lust does have a co-existence here and the metaphor of the universe itself.

        Please continue making more audio recital poems. Your voice is soothing and honest and you rock! 🙂

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    1. I’m… so, so humbled by this comment. I don’t even know how to tell you how this made my heart swell. Thank you, sincerely. Your words are by no means appetizers… I enjoy them immensely and find them to be sustaining!

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