Hymn of the Flowers

She sings to the beebalm

A hymn that rightfully upends

The heathens in the heliotrope

She bends the milk thistle with song

A migratory melody that subdues

The naysayers in the nightshade

With lyrical alchemy

An adagio of psalms

She calms the devils in the delphinium

A refrain that reconciles the roses

With the tyranny of thorns

A dulcet disarmament

Taming the turbulent pistons of amaryllis

She lulls the graceful larkspur to sleep

Quiets the lonely lilacs from weeping

She hums poetry into the ears of posies

And oh, how the foliage unfolds

When she speaks

Ashes, ashes… we all fall down

From soil, sweet flora

Come, gather ‘round

Let us sit and reminisce

On the quiet before the storms

On the comedy of cowardice

On the bruises that form

On churches that burn in the irises of eyes

On delights that hide in plain sight

On the things we despise

On smoke screens and guillotines

On subterfuge and quarantine

On knaves grinding dull knives

On coffins and cradles both made of pine

On love in fair weather

On the repeating of kings

On the deferment of pleasure

On the illusion of defeat…

a. duncan, 2019

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

12 thoughts on “Hymn of the Flowers

  1. Firstly, that adagio, there is something so decadent about the cello in that that perfectly matches the poem. Secondly, your word choice is honestly…. wow. Just wow. So rich and beautiful and wholly intelligent. Gorgeous.

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    1. I’m so genuinely complimented by your reaction to this! Thank you sweetheart.
      I always look forward to your feedback specifically. And yes – that adagio is AMAZING. One of my favorites! Did you know that Sir Anthony Hopkins (the actor better known as Hannibal Lector) is also a classical composer…?! He wrote a gorgeous waltz that I discovered through the suggestion bar from this song! It’s called “And the waltz goes on” and you can watch it performed beautifully by Dutch violinist André Rieu here: https://youtu.be/M57Fi19vcSI

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      1. I did not know Sir Anthony Hopkins was a composer – talk about talent. And that performance was incredible, I could not look away… I loved the reaction of the audience as well.

        Thank you so much for sharing that lovely, it was gorgeous.

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      2. Yes!!!!!! Girl I was so excited when I discovered this and he’s so cute and excited in the audience in his little fedora listening to his own masterpiece coming to life. Like a kid on Christmas morning! He’s so exceptionally talented and that waltz is AMAZING. Just a little dark and mischievous, but also sensual and cinematic. The pleasure is all mine!

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  2. The poem matches so well with the cello music you’ve presented.

    Your voice is fierce and honest.

    The word choices…its like your my other half when it comes to pushing language further into our consciousness and the readers psyche. I don’t know if I’ve ever said this to you. But, your my favorite poet. 🙂 I have lots of respect for you and for that thank you for you always being you. 🙂

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    1. Favorite…. poet. It took me a few moments to absorb that sentence. I’m not worthy of such a title but those words filled me with such genuine joy. You are a mad scientist with language and I have the utmost respect for your mind and heart. To be told I’m a favorite by someone with whom I have so much regard for is blissfully startling and humbling at the same time. Thank YOU for being such an incredible human being Charlie. ♥️

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