Death to Lust

Elegy to fantasies, proven false—

Awoken in the clemency of dawn

A jagged horizon doused with vagrant elegance

The sun pours itself without a hint of contempt

For the repetition of cosmic chore

Fragmenting through umber drapes

A muddied hypnosis, box fan billowing

Coquettish, butterfly kissing

The splinters of a sagging windowsill

Oriel crop dusted in August pollen

Atmospheric molasses nestled in lung

A familiar, humid temperance

Lubricating every crevice, every hum

Until surrender had become second nature

I lie with thoughts that dovetail

With the terrible grace of a rattlesnake

A ballerina in the throes of overdose

My dulcet mood careens like stars

For an audience comprised of the blind

The unsought epiphany lingers

Desire has grown obsolete, inevitably ineffectual

My psyche snarls inconsolably at the tragedy of this

Suddenly without the benefit of rest

While seated firmly on a foundation of fetishes

I am unsure how to proceed

Without a detectable pulse

Our bed was most holy

When littered in the metallic glint

Of condom wrappers

Our sleeping bodies have evolved

Resembling lonely kites gnarled into oblivion

On the spurs of spontaneously flowering cacti

That bar-tailed birds have all but abandoned

Preferring more impenetrable shelter

Somewhere, my subconscious

Is shadowboxing itself, beyond recognition

Just for amusements sake

Delighting in a sexual violence

That momentarily suggests

Not all vitality has been lost

That desire can remain irrevocable

Yet hope slackens by the hour

I’m staring into an abyss

That I no longer care to stare into

Left with contemplation

The habitual hesitation of hell

Only having broken loose

Once in a blue moon

Expectations strangely resembling

The furious descent of Icarus

In rendezvous with a scorned earth

How does something once so compelling

End in a whimper

When all I asked for was a bang?

Invasion, sweet invasion

The annulment of all reason

Stirring wild daydreams

Bitten into moist flesh

Fingers, greedy fingers

Thrust inward with stiffened avarice

The taste of honey on hostile tongues

Before we became sustained

On the dullest of compliments

Words dangled like rancid thighs of bovine

He who of thrives on complacency

Has condemned lust

To death

a. duncan, 2019


Dolores (Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs) – Algernon Charles Swinburne



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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

6 thoughts on “Death to Lust

  1. You’ve painted such a vivid picture of all the emotions of the morning-after. Many other writers would stick to humdrum and dull descriptions, but you elevate the scene to a whole new level. Brilliant work, April! 😀

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