Air drop apocalypse

“What? You seek something? You wish to multiply yourself tenfold, a hundredfold? You seek followers? Seek zeros!” – Frederich Neitzsche

When left on read I will revel

In the absence of shame

I seek not to be ‘seen’

By these obnoxious beasts

In their discount masquerade

Nor need I invitation

To their virtual circle jerks

Tea parties for furthering fallacies

Where square sandwiches served

Taste of pickled self pity

I need not announce myself

In the destitute catacombs

Of the dystopian domain

Where the replicants believe

In their ability to salvage

Their atrophied self esteem

Where deserving is decided

In a ratio of retweet’s

Fortunes made in ad traffic

I need not an asylum

Where emoji’s are pornographic

Talent meaningless if not monetized

Mundane regurgitation in real time

Broken hearts photoshopped

Where sensory deprivation reigns supreme

Have we lost what’s left

Of our goddam minds?

We’re nothing more then Winston Smith

On unsecured WiFi

And this… an air drop apocalypse

a. duncan, 2019


Artwork: Justin Stewart |

Poetry featured in art: Discipline Park | Tony Altman


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

11 thoughts on “Air drop apocalypse

  1. Frederich Neitzsche is one of my favorite German philosophers and you choose
    excellent with his quote.

    What I sensed in your voice audio and the words.

    A nihilism of such…where humans feel extremely dependent on technological dopamine.
    No face to face interaction. It feels too much the same with people right? Always on their phones but never sitting down to have a full on human emotional conversation that actual has substance.

    Hope I interpret this incredible poem of yours correctly. 🙂

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    1. Social media has become a terrible drug for some. A strange sort of popularity contest that feeds deep seeded insecurities, leading to cravings for constant attention and approval. Everyone wants to project “perfect” through a carefully cultivated aesthetic that very rarely aligns with our meager realities.

      It also absolutely festers with negativity. People feel comfortable there – complaining about everything under the sun, voicing ugly beliefs (that they would rather die than admit to an actual group of peers or to someones face), it nurtures bigotry, the victim mentality. Leaving us with an entire generation of “humans” with this voracious appetite for clicks, likes, followers. They lack boundaries online and feel empowered to overshare every inane detail of their pitiful existence.

      I vacillate between amusement and utter disgust at the circus in the machines.

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      1. The feeling is mutual with the behavior of people and their insecurities with the technological world around them.

        I know those types of people fully well. They complain so much then why don’t they do something about it. And as for their beliefs? unfortunately, this bastard that’s in the white house is influencing the American people that its okay to have ugly beliefs and its freedom of speech. It’s a messed up world we’re living in today. And here’s hoping for a better future next year 2020.

        The same way your feeling I feel it too. And in disgust.

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    1. You’ve got me looking back on posts I’d already forgotten about (even though they weren’t that long ago!) It’s lovely and I appreciate you. The irony that I’m posting and discussing the pitfalls of the internet ON the internet is not lost on me. But social media, Twitter in particular, seem like such a bog of toxic nonsense. I can’t figure out why some people feel empowered, or compelled, to blurt out every (literal) inane thought in their head throughout the course of a day. It’s… gross. As humans we all desire to share pieces of ourselves in one form or another. Some people have the emotional maturity to understand how that should be carefully curated. Others…. just say embarrassing shit over and over. I’m both deeply amused and utterly repelled by it.

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