what happened to the words?

(This is a one take recording. I only had a three minute span of free time to recite,  so please forgive any mispronunciations or uncalled for pauses… Xo)


Remember when you used to be a poet?

My God, those were the days

You, when you still craved the words

And when the words were still requited

You, in a season of subtle redemption

Of sonnets and cigarettes

Of exile and ebbs in villainry

You, confronting the maggots

In the residence of your past tenses

You, pinning your minds butterflies

To blueprints smeared in chalk dander

Diagrams of firearms and conceivable futures

Rejecting tendencies toward chaotic untruth

As a counterpoint to tedium

This was

Narcissus in contemplation

For the first time

Of a world outside his own reflection

This was poetry

When poetry was a lover

A preventative measure

A dose of desperately needed medication

That couldn’t be afforded otherwise

The only vital organ

You hadn’t managed to destroy

Falconer’s and misanthropy

Apis mellifera and confederacy

You, in graveled pontification

In ode to them all

The ire of insomnia

In iambic pentameter

A harvest

Before the wolves

 Abandoned the moon

a. duncan, 2019


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

12 thoughts on “what happened to the words?

  1. There is honestly too much to comment on within this poem and the piece of music. I am simply blown away, and I started copying and pasting bits I loved, and it just got a bit ridiculous because literally it was all of it.

    I really love this.

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    1. You have no idea how much this comment means to me. I became emotional reading your response. The most sincere compliments for me aren’t so much about the encouraging words themselves but the soulfulness behind them – that feeling that something has been genuinely felt and shared. So thank you doesn’t begin to say enough (either) but I hope you feel that I feel that you felt me (ha) and that’s…. so lovely.

      This poem. It practically transcribed itself. You know how some pieces, we envision something, and then we outline it and edit it, etc.? I find that most of my writing requires some meticulous consideration to feel authentic and complete.

      Not this one. I paused on a few lines, just long enough to catch my breath. But it came from such a raw place. That feeling when we care so much for someone, some figure in our universe, but they are deviating from themselves, or at least, the person we knew them to be. Sometimes this can be a positive, forward progression. (After all – Change is only constant). Other times, we feel… haunted by the emergence of a stranger.

      So this was written in that vein of thought. Sort of listing out what I knew, and assumed, to be true about a friend. In a sense, reminding myself how those qualities seem to differentiate from who I see before me today.

      But also to … remind them. Of their potential. In the hopes it won’t be squandered.

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  2. I read this a second time, and it was even better…. and beautiful having heard it in your voice.

    Words can be everything, and to see someone unravel as you describe it, to lose themselves before you…. well, you have described this in the most raw end real way. I think the best poems are those that just write themselves without too much interference from our filters… definitely that is the case for me…

    You’re right, I FELT this poem. When I first listened to it, I actually heard myself involuntarily make a noise in awe of its beauty. That does not happen very often. You have something very special in how you write. Raw and beautiful, unique and meaningful. 💛

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  3. There’s so many lines I could quote by you. But, truly and honestly,
    all of them are my favorite. Including these lines:

    “You, confronting the maggots

    In the residence of your past tenses

    You, pinning your minds butterflies

    To blueprints smeared in chalk dander”

    Your voice in audio and the way you read the poem. I believe it is your masterpiece of art. 🙂

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    1. Charlie! Darling, merci! I’ve been away for a few days and had not yet seen your commentary. As always you have me blushing. I so appreciate that you take the time to really experience the words. It’s such a nice quality in writers/poets, when they not only analyze the language and the structure, but also have a deep respect for the ambiance and complicated emotion that is layered into, under, above, and through those words. You are a brilliant man and I am endlessly flattered by your support. So sorry for the delay in thanking you!

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  4. Revisiting some of your old work & I’m continually floored with how you sweep the reader into these raw magical scenes that crackle with such stark imagery. 😀 Beautifully written! ❤ Keep writing, you brilliant blueberry! 🔵

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