never captive

Hummingbirds and their saccharine hearts

Fabergé beaks and staccato flight

Translucent to the eye of the beholden

Lost on a Mankind wildly inept

At discerning the language of nature

The subliminal wisdom of wings

The hypnotic properties of repetition

Embedded in the arc of ancient trees

Steeped in the nectar of coral bells

Kept in the frenzied lullabies of rain

The earth’s incantations are audible

Only but to a few

These ruby-throated darlings

Grow eerily still when nestled

In the doting hands of a little girl

Who surely hears them

For here they are never captive

Merely understood, even loved

“How strange” I think to myself

That something in their eyes

Is the same

a. duncan, 2019

(In dedication to my sweet daughter, who just yesterday saved a hummingbird)




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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

9 thoughts on “never captive

  1. Beautifully vivid, April! Love the intimate details of ‘nectar of coral bells’ and ‘ruby-throated darlings’ – can picture it perfectly. I’m constantly amazed by your mastery of poetic language; really enjoyed this! 😀 ❤

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    1. You have me blushing. This one was inspired by my 4 year old daughter. She inspires me so much, I find that some of my best work is when she’s the muse. She’s so beautiful that it makes everything around her that much more beautiful ❤ I'm so flattered Tom thank you.

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