I’ll end you just the same

So has it been decided?

Are you my enemy, today?

Or should it be so, tomorrow?

Et tu, brute?

Perhaps it was yesterday?

When words kamikazed?

From the grandeur and the xanax?

Sharpening knives over coffee?

Is right now the battleground?

Was our love merely a claim?

Shall we kiss or draw pistols?

I’ll end you just the same.


a. duncan, 2019



Photography by Zorik Istomin

Excerpt from “more flinching” by Heather Phillipson




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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

8 thoughts on “I’ll end you just the same

  1. What a bang this ends in – the whole thing is brilliant, how it walks the line of ambiguity between love and disdain. Spotted the reference to Julius Ceasar by Shakespeare too. It fits the poem perfectly – “et tu Brute?”. People are not always what they seem…

    This is truly a masterpiece.

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    1. Ahhhhh!!! Thank you so, so much! This comment has me so hyped! This one was fun (in the most diabolical way) to write – and you picked up perfectly on the line it toes between attraction and destruction. And the Julius Ceasar reference! Love/hate is a timeless paradox that never ceases to fascinate me and features heavily in my poetry, though usually in more obscure metaphor. This is the kind of feedback that gets my blood pumping because you FELT it. Merci, merci, merci… ❤

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      1. I certainly felt this poem, I got (blissfully) kamikazied by it’s grandeur and Xanax, wowed by the Shakespeare lines, and then blasted by the ending
        “Shall we kiss or draw pistols?
        I’ll end you just the same.
        That, is just, AMAZING.

        I too am very drawn to dichotomies and dialectics and the relationship between the either/or.

        Just so you know, I always love your poems.

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      2. Oh wow this is by far one of my favorite comment threads, ever. The way you interpreted this piece is beyond perfect!
        Interesting that you also have an affinity for paradox – I suspect this is why we connect and identify so strongly with each other’s metaphor! (Don’t they say great minds think alike?? Haha.)

        I must thank you wholeheartedly for lending my poetry your ear – I’m immensely flattered by that! Your work is incredible too and I look forward to more. You have such a strong, intriguing voice. Here’s to a continued exchange of thrilling, creative energy! ❤

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  2. This was such a great smouldering buildup & you really dance that fine line between wistful regret of a lost love and cold distain for a poisoned relationship. Raw powerful language that crackles with resolute anger – beautiful! 😀
    You’ve been such a wonderful inspiration to me as a writer & I continually cherish our growing exchange ❤

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    1. Oh Tom – I’m flattered that you’ve gone a little further back in my portfolio! That’s very kind of you and also gives me a great excuse to revisit some of my own pieces. Lust and scorn, femme fatale/film noir-esque characters, and the strange paradox between love and war are some of my favorite themes to vacillate between. Thank you for such lovely feedback and for showing interest in my previous work! The feeling is entirely mutual my friend. ❤

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