to the wild

Here it comes

Soliloquy of the sun

A sacred iteration of physics

Mocking the pain of the Phoenix

Ascending an eastern River Styx

Mired in lackadaisical drift

Sonnet of a bonfire star

Never as near as it is far

 Baptized in the finality

Of western skies

Lulled by an emergence

Of fireflies

As above / so below

Even the setting sun knows

Mankind will always make

Terrible bedfellows

To the wild

a. duncan, 2019



I’d say I won, but lost
This war, although my remains
In that heart of yours
And I can see
Sky, and I can see
The sky in me
And I can see

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

10 thoughts on “to the wild

      1. I ponder on man’s relationship to the wild and the world around him – not to mention the world of the wild around him. But more so, the wild’s relationship with me and what that means – for my life and my stability and my life going forward.

        Is it a symbiotic relationship? I’m with the Earth and the Earth is with me? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s cyclical, and all my energy will fuel some pocket of my space when I go. Or maybe the space will fuel me – the city and all of its art on display – not to mention food and coffee and love and sex

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      2. Ah, I couldn’t agree more. It’s one of our most complicated (and abusive) relationships as a species. I’m so pleased that you picked up on my contemplation of that exact paradox in this piece. I didn’t want it to come across as some depressing commentary on our waste and arrogance, which is why I focused mainly on the graceful journey of the sun. But those last few lines carried the burden of what (in my opinion) all thinking, emotionally intelligent human beings should be aware of. I thank you for taking the time to leave such a thought provoking reaction and for articulating your feelings on this strange relationship. The most valuable feedback is rooted in metaphorical echolocation between writer and audience. This poem was designed to open that Pandora’s box of thought and you’ve given me more to think about as well. Merci!!!


    1. Charlie you always leave me blushing. I seems we were both contemplating this concept recently – which is eerie and wonderful. While my concern about humanity’s carelessness was snuck in at the end, it was definitely the driving force of the poem. I recently spent some time at a zoo (one of the nicer ones) and got to sit inches away from a 700 lb grizzly bear as it blew bubbles and leisurely played in a pseudo lake-grotto. It was so humbling. Being that close to something so immensely powerful. I was in awe.

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      1. Like I said in the other comment.
        We seem to subconsciously connect with nature and all around the problems that occur.

        Grizzly bear…man, I wish I get a chance to see one and witness the beauty of our creatures. I haven’t been to the zoo in a long time…I really need to go.

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    1. I had a feeling you’d like this one given the subject matter of your own stories recently! Tom I’m sorry I haven’t been better about reading further into Slumdog. Work has been really hectic. You’re so sweet for travelling through my work. I feel bad that I haven’t had more time to reciprocate. But I promise I will get back in the saddle and read more of your brilliant narrative soon ❤

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      1. No problem at all, April! 😀 I’m incredibly thrilled that you’ve continued to enjoy my different short stories recently & so glad they’ve deeply resonated with you, especially Flamefur’s story arc! ❤ No rush returning to the main story – if you fancy a change of pace to more self-contained stories, I've used a few different genres for my earlier flash fictions instead. Hope work goes well for you!

        Just to clarify that my next wildlife tribute for you (titled 'Fur and Fang') will be published on next Friday 11th October. Did you want me to link to any particular stories of yours for other bloggers to check out?

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