flirtation in the third person


She drinks to herself

Until dazed with liquid mischief

A hedonist that fiends for the libertine

A voyeur of her own volition

She stares into the abyss and the abyss

Blows back suggestive kisses

As if—

It already knows

She belongs to lands of agony

To vermillion bridges

With ledges that dare lover’s to leap

To the merciless depths

Of herself

Where fool’s and their platitudes

Are solemnly saluted

Just before execution

She grieves for herself

For the prolific deceit of prose

She weeps for a zenith

Suspicious of the subliminals

Scribbled in the condensation

Of atriums

For the ever present ‘ought to be’

For the gendered deprivation

Of intimacy

She takes to flirtation

In the third person

She claws at herself

Kneading the hem of her dress

Into empty, incessant nests


Waft like battered ships

On writhing hips

She knows the risks and the risks

Will not be dismissed

As if—

Made for being taken

She longs for the sureness

Of stop watches

Tucked In the pockets

Of white rabbits

She lies in wait of confessors

Of charming devils

And their bad habits

She drifts over a handheld mirror

On pleading knees

Naked as birthday

She tends to herself

Lingering in velvet fox dens

In a labyrinth of labia

Derelict of love

Of tongues and declarations

Of pens and swords

Pleasured by double edges

She calls his name

As if conjuring a phantom

She drinks to herself

This time

Just enough ballpoint ink

To fall into blissful sleep

a. duncan, 2019


Artwork: Sabrina Bosco – “My face is up here.”

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

4 thoughts on “flirtation in the third person

    1. You interpreted this perfectly, Charlie!! It’s a more personal piece than my usual work, so there is a myriad of emotions that attach to self reflection. A slight sadness, mixed with passion, intellect, the struggle to learn how to pleasure ourselves in all sense of the word. I’m immensely flattered, thank you.

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