in that moment


in that moment

the song

was a string quartet rendition

of ‘you’ve got the love’

we stood on stained wood

a cliffside deck constructed

methodically around 

the amorphous trunks of elderly pine

its foundations seemed to delight 

in defying the heights

levitating over an enormous gorge

as did we

gazing off in every direction 

it’s rustic canyons divided unevenly

by a wild Appalachian river

in that moment

it actually seemed

like nothing more than a stream

to us, from way up there

two lost souls having found

each other

in fact everything

felt miniature

compared to that kind of love

quietly understood, unequivocal

in that moment

we held our breaths

steadied by the arcane spells

waiting in the words 

we were about to speak

there, beneath a barren parasol

of autumn branches

dusted in lullabies of leaves

crimson and copper, everywhere

duetted with pale pumpkins

and my long white dress

in that moment

florence and her machines

swelled to a crescendo 

by means of cello

that robbed our guests 

of their breath 

and as if divinely orchestrated 

the clouds parted

revealing the sky’s wedding gift

enormous beams of the sweetest light

synchronized with my entrance

perched proudly on my fathers arm

in that moment

as beautiful as I had ever been

because I was about to be yours

approaching a grapevine archway

draped in delicate rustic foliage

the sun rained down its blessings

as did your eyes, awestruck with tears


and today

it hurts to remember

the details

how perfect it was

in that moment

a. duncan, 2019

(with the most broken of hearts)


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

12 thoughts on “in that moment

    1. Thank you, Bill. Your words always mean a lot to me, but especially on this. This was a painful and personal piece to compose. Happy memories mixed with dead ends. Your feedback is gentle and reassuring. I appreciate you so much.


  1. Oh my heart.
    This was such a beautifully bittersweet tribute to such a magical memory. We all have those those cherished moments that we’ll long to cling to…if only we could turn back time.
    Another breathtaking piece. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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