sans voix

Hélas silence, sweet silence!

The stars exalt thee in stifled song

To whom shall I be beholden

For this fortuitous sojourn?

‘Tis an empyrean rendezvous

Greatly overdue with thee

Dame de supériorité!

Come forth with thy quaint scorn

Inherit not the chapel shadows

If it so pleases thee

Reveal thy wordless sabotage

Ambassadeur du vide!

Saint of synchronicity

Most righteous executioner

De réciprocité

Be praised for thine reprieve

Maîtresse des voleurs!

Thy abstinence immaculate

Curse of all troubadour

Thy offenses ageless

Thy virtues sustained

O, mon bel ennemi!

Beseeching of sable burdens

A decay most disquieting

Thou art quickened with lips

Of winter angels

Upon this August land

‘Tis a prolonged kiss

Black death d’amour

a. duncan, 2019



Featured photography: Florian Saez

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

14 thoughts on “sans voix

    1. You’re reminding me that I used to write a lot more sensually. I’ve lost that spark recently. Perhaps it’s time to revisit that facet. (But when with a five year old?? haha) Thank you so much Tom. I have yet to read anything by you that I did not adore.

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      1. Hope you have a lovely week ahead! 😀 Waiting with bated breath for your next reading – I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous to listen to! ❤
        Is there any particular inspiration that you draw upon for certain poems, or does it depend more on the day & what mood you're in?

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      2. Oh — thank you for reminding me! It’s been a hectic week – snowstorm and lots of activity. I will surely get your latest piece recited this weekend! Thank you for being patient with me! I draw upon…. images, conversations, memories. Sometimes smells and feelings. Sometimes dreams. Sometimes just daydreaming. I pull from a lot of different “senses”, but music is one of my most consistent inspirations/influences. What about you, Tom??

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      3. Wow, sounds like you’ve got a wonderful treasure trove of inspiration to draw upon! 😀 Hope you didn’t get snowed in by the weather.

        My influences are quite similar to yours – depends on the particular week and different daydreams I’ve had; inspiration from certain films/TV/books that I’ve enjoyed; sometimes there’s a rough draft on the back-burner that I think ‘this could turn into something cool’; sometimes it might be a familiar theme that I’ll try putting a new twist on. Great learning more about your creative inspirations! ❤

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      4. How interesting! I completely know what you mean and operate very similarly with drafts. Some idea get shelved away until they’re “ripe”, so to speak. Then I revisit with renewed interested. I think at the moment I have … 25 drafts? haha. I’ve also had a touch writers block over the past week or so. Perhaps its time for me to take a look at them. Thank you for sharing your process with me and for being such a encouraging confidante!

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      5. No worries at all! I know exactly what you mean 🙂 I’ve shelved about…15 story drafts in reserve so far? Most are mainly filler & I’m not planning to use them in any future published work, because I don’t feel they’re as good as my current stories. It definitely depends whatever mood I’m in when I’m writing & can be tricky to find that zone again! I’m deliberately not releasing a few favourite ones on WP because I’d like to keep them a surprise for future readers of my first published anthology – probably on Amazon, should be fun! *fantasises about raining money* 😉
        You too! I’ve said this before (in much more rambling language, haha) but it’s been wonderful to have such a supportive, talented, brilliant friend who’s always ready to offer such amazing encouragement that keeps my writing going! ❤ You're the best, April! 🤗

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      6. P.S. Loving your new look, especially with the background flowers bringing a vivid splash of colour – great artistry. You look regal & mysterious, vixen! 😀 Have a fab weekend ahead x

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