a lesson in forgiveness

I forgive you, darling.

I forgive you, in spite of.

I forgive you, for all of it.

I forgive you, for the arrogance.

I forgive you, for your cowardice.

I forgive you, for the emptiness.

I forgive you, for your two handsome faces.

I forgive you, for the ugliness behind them.

I forgive you, for not caring about forgiveness.

I forgive you, for feeling no remorse in the first place.

I forgive you, even when it’s the last thing you deserve.

I forgive you, for looking a gift horse in the mouth.

I forgive you, for despising yourself enough to abandon others.

I forgive you, for convincing yourself it didn’t matter.

I forgive you, for stealing things that were yours to begin with.

I forgive you, because I can.

I forgive you, from my heart.

And in forgiving you.

You have my forgiveness.

And nothing else.

a. duncan, 2019





Artwork by the incredible Qistina Khalidah via www.deviantart.com/qissus

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

19 thoughts on “a lesson in forgiveness

    1. Aw, Charlie. You sweet, gentle soul. I’m incredibly touched by this comment, and that you felt the emotion in the piece so deeply. That connection between artist and audience is what makes art so vital, so special. Thank *you*, Charlie for being *you*

      I must confess I wasn’t in tears when I recorded it. (I’m out of tears.) But you did sense, correctly, an intense hurt/betrayal that is present both in the writing and the reading. I’m sure you can relate – to the curse/blessing of having a compassionate heart. I tend to open myself fully, and love others fiercely.

      As I have aged, I have learned to be more careful with whom I let in. It’s rare these days for someone to be able to take advantage of my kindness – as I like to think of myself as extremely perceptive – but on the rare occasion it does happen it’s especially hurtful and insulting to me.

      I’ve grit my teeth and watched two individuals recently, choosing a selfish, cowardly path. So this piece is deeply rooted in my sadness and disdain. But it was also a way to release that contempt. Sometimes, in forgiving someone/something that doesn’t deserve forgiveness, we steal back our power. Free ourselves of that poison.

      All this being said, I adore your comment and want to thank you sincerely for hearing/feeling what I was saying/feeling. ❤

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  1. You are welcome. 🙂

    And let me begin by saying; I know exactly how you feel. What you said within learning to be more careful in who you let in…is spot on. One must always be extremely careful and be observant in one’s ways of behavior, & personality. That being said; having one taking advantage of kindness? I know that path too well. I use to be and still am a kind person…however, people mistake my kindness as I’ll never say no…but they’ll be wrong. I’ve been hurt too many times for anyone to see my kindness and tear it to pieces.

    I don’t know if we’re on the same page…but from what you shared a bit with me…I know this feeling too well and understand you from where your coming from.

    Here’s a quote by the master himself.

    “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them”. ~ Bruce Lee

    I have and know people who sometime forgive and sometimes they don’t forgive because of their pride. It hurts and I contemplate why we’re all hurting each other. 😦

    I’m always here to listen and try to help my friends.

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  2. Brilliant raw poetry, April! So sad how relatable that wounded betrayal is after loving someone with such open compassion and them taking advantage of your kindness – it can be so satisfying to rise above by extending your forgiveness to someone undeserving & free our dependency on them. Love the flowing rhythm here – you expressed it beautifully!

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