{in love with the moment}

Today’s post is a miscellany of words, images, and sounds that have brought me pleasure, comfort, and inspiration as of late. I’m a firm believer in listening, even surrendering to, the ‘atmosphere’ around us. I swear our intimate spaces speak to us. But, having said that, I fully concede that I don’t have enough intel to comfortably claim that this phenomena is some autonomous spiritual communication. But I do prefer to think of it that way.

I like to imagine there are signs, fates and strange divination’s at play at all times. It’s like a thrilling, psychological game of eye-spy! I seem to sense it most when basking in the unparalleled splendor of nature. The simultaneous beauty and brutality of the wild, for me personally, tips the metaphorical scales in favor of sacred design by unknown origin.

One could just as easily argue that we implant the meanings and messages from our own subconscious into our surroundings. Kind of like mischievous canines digging up the bones we just buried and then acting genuinely surprised by our discovery. Even so. That argument, at best, gives credence to our collective tendency of seeking symbols, insights, confirmations. We’re more inclined to embrace agony without answers. In response, we look for (or invent) a purpose behind our pain. We sleep better at night clutching insights into our desires, fears, suspicions, motivations.

Ultimately – whether wisdom’s are cleverly hidden by ourselves or the work of some metaphysical force – it’s at our sole discretion to find them. To acknowledge their existence or look the other way.

And me? Well. I’ve never been afraid of eye contact with monsters or with men.

Same difference, right? ….


And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Rising Moon – July 1941



Advice to a Girl Child – November 1930


Agnes Sorel mistress of Charles VII of France (1403-1461) by Jean Fouquet (2)
Agnès Sorel mistress of Charles VII of France (1403-1461)
by Jean Fouquet (French artist, 1420–1481)

“Agnès Sorel was known by the sobriquet Dame de beauté (Lady of Beauty). Sorel generated scandal at court, particularly for championing the fashion of her wearing of low-cut gowns with a single breast fully bared. This behavior was both imitated and scorned. Her bosom was so magnificent she served as a model for Jean Fourquet in a portrait of the Virgin Mary. ”

(You can read more about this total bad ass at http://www.historynaked.com)

I’m in love with the moment
To me fallin’, to me goin’



Untitled gif. But I’m fond of games that involve who can resist the longest.


Featured artwork:

The Scorned, by James Applewhite.
Vanitas still life with Flowers and Insects, Toru Kamei.
And myself. Contemplating painting the roses red. 

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

17 thoughts on “{in love with the moment}

  1. I second your intuition concerning nature. I live in it now, for 7 or 8 years. What used to seem gorgeous now appears divine. It is as if long-ago gods left this behind as testimony of their deeds.

    But I see the same non-mechanical, intentional divinity in another more intimate realm — that of my own thinking and moral perceiving. When still enough, I see its unarguable sacred nature. This 2nd doorway, I think, is the way for the future, the path anyone of goodwill could choose to follow to find the ultimate nature of things.

    But we dissuade in so many ways… even our so-called education.

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