singing in the pain


i sang a song, tonight

i sang a song and felt the words

i felt the words

in the sweetest

in the saddest places

i sang a song, tonight

i sang a song and my mouth

wrapped ’round each refrain

diction emphatic

in lieu

of kissing you

i sang a song, tonight

i sang a song and my face

acted out every chorus

expressions theatrical

in jest

from missing your laughter

a. duncan, 2019

{dedicated to s.m.b}


Artwork: The Allegory of Music, Adrian Borda

The song:

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

31 thoughts on “singing in the pain

    1. Thank you kindly!! I wanted it to exist incredibly simply. No flourish, pretension, complex metaphor. The song (and loved one) who inspired the piece both possess that quality. Simple, gracious, comforting
      yet somehow still drenched in very tender/bittersweet emotion. So it’s not a lofty or cerebral work by any means – but sometimes the ones without all the bells and whistles speak the deepest. 🙂

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      1. I’m so glad you understand what I mean and felt it on some level in the prose. Also, it was written with a particular genuineness. I found that song the other night and instantly it burrowed into my heart. Reminding so much of someone special to me. So I sang it aloud, sang it to him. And placed much emphasis as I could into every lyric, using my voice and body. It’s a powerful thing – connecting with someone who’s no longer there through music. It’s almost as if the words are teleported straight to them, where ever they are. So again – thank you for your unyielding support and for experiencing this with me!


      2. The pleasure is mine April!

        I understand your point completely. It’s as if the words provide an umbilical cord… connecting to another in some magical way. Conveying emotion with such purity, such depth.

        Love your work.

        Keep doing what you do!

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    1. Your engagement and commentary has made my heart smile today – so thank you. It’s lovely to discuss life’s hidden meanings (and struggles) with fellow creative minds. Everything you are saying resonates deeply with me and I am very humbled that my piece touched you in any way! You do the same. ♥️🗝


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