of forbidden visions

simplicity, a white ermine

visits cemeteries in disrepair

concealed in wisps of speckled pelt

rare and gossamer masked

she’s a darling, winged little deity

slackened on the velvet isolation

of obsolete death

here she imbibes, in strange excess

among the harmlessness of moonlight

from a carafe of devil’s kiss

empowered in the absence of piety

and without a hint of restraint

the absinthe casts devious spells

bidding her unfurl—

on the corolla’s of unrequited calla’s

veins ignited in chartreuse flame

a phosphorescence that waltzes

across the enormous skeletons

of pink elephants on parade

ever generous in the giving

of forbidden visions

her hindwings soften with inviting dew

as brandy drenched sugar cubes deliquesce

the pale little papillon

grows worshipful as tombstones

pleading with enormous, feral pupils

to be ruined, consumed

by every conceivable complexity

so obliging

the handsome phantoms of frivolity

hasten with devouring hands

to pluck her from the confines

of thoracic corsetry

and in the act of appraising

her pale, quivering expanses

they fill her mouth to brimming

with their thick elaborations

thus simplicity, a white ermine

in total obedience

to an assembly of intricacies

swallowed every drop of wisdom given

before succumbing to a drunken sleep

still coated in the sagacity

of her own mischievous hallucinations

a. duncan, 2019

“la folie d’aujourd’hui est le regret de demain…”

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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