Explain yourself

Fifteen minutes of waxing poetic about… poetry! Its nuisances, it’s intimate and inimitable creation. Writing; it’s a process, isn’t it?

I’m very interested in your thoughts, your techniques, your secrets.

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

8 thoughts on “Explain yourself

  1. April, I love the tension you describe. Even at the “12 minute” point of your audio, I totally understand from where you come with these thoughts. You could continue for hours and still hold your audience.

    For me, there is a constant struggle. I don’t come from a writing background…I come from an engineering, technical background where prescribed norms are accepted and expected. And it is from that, at this point in my life, that I rebel, and feel the need to disobey. Since I’ve started this writing journey, I’m drawn to serendipitous phrases, words, and pictures that command my attention. But even in that…there is still a tension. All I long for in the evening, after work, is to write. But in doing so, there is a struggle. A struggle defined by completely free verse…or something more measured, and structured. Perhaps more pleasing to the ear in syllabic structure and rhythm. Do you understand this tension and struggle to which I refer? I find myself starting to write in a free-flowing style…only to be drawn back to more prescribed architecture. It’s amazing, and frustrating, and damning…and beautiful…this writing thing.


    I thank you for providing the forum and point of interest.

    So deep and important.

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    1. Bill, this is an exceptional and thought provoking response! First and foremost – thank you for taking the time to listen, to consider the questions and descriptions, and then reply with such fascinating detail. As always your support is something I am continually grateful for!

      I do understand the tension you speak of. It’s part of the driving force within a poem. It’s interesting that you mention your background in engineering – and how poetry is for you on some level a departure from that, an escape if you will, but that you have a tendency to return toward that structure even as you try to free yourself. What an dichotomy! Speaks to our histories, our backgrounds and skills seeping into our creative consciousness. I also love that you mention your pull toward more serendipitous, care-free rhetoric. That reveals some truths about you as well.

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      1. Thank you April. Thank you for providing the forum and for your willingness to read…and listen to…me.

        Writing, and sharing, provide such another dimension to this world. Does that make sense to you? If it does, know how much I appreciate your willingness to explore and read, and savor.

        My weekend has been made immensely more intriguing and meaningful by this conversation.

        Thank you!

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  2. Your brilliance is beyond the words that I would be able to gather together, only to have them stumble out of my lips. The language needed is one that exists on another frequency, without words. Only a feeling that makes me feel as if I have finally explored the endless heavens in the dark abyss that we call the universe, only now seeing it as a luminating light. ❤

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