requiem to weaponry

territorial is the empress

possessive is cupid’s kiss

a lone crusader, clandestine

tending to collections

of passions, of poisons

fanatical in lieu of pragmatism

her body’s glorious armies

nestle in the temporary repose 

of her heart’s fox holes

fragilities en obscura 

beneath shiny clefts of chain mail

capricious is the countess

reticent as the residue of arsenic

at the bottom of apothecary jar’s

memorable as the taste of musk

 in the suckling of still warm lips

she bloodlet’s her hesitation’s

votive of the impending ebb

awoken by the shrieking of ravens

signaling Mórrigan‘s blessing

as an onslaught ensues

ravenous is the sovereign princess

infantries and their vanities kept

as prisoners 

accumulated as collateral damages

parallel to the luxuries of conflict

of mouths, of legs, of open wounds

their midnight aching for repatriation 

ad nauseum in the aftermath 

of crisis, of catharsis, of blissful collusion 

shes.  so.  tired.  of.  cease.  fires.  

having discerned silence to be

far more terrifying than the swords

that sought to split her flesh

she pen’s

a requiem to weaponry

let enemies come forth in their frenzies

foreplay designate as delightful foreboding

her bed secretly harboring fugitives

and fetishes exemplar

of strategy, of soliloquy 

inheriting of a blissful sleep

in the war of the rose colored sheets

a. duncan, 2019

The majority of the above photography, artwork etc. is attributed to and property of brilliant American fashion designer, artist, dancer, and musician Hogan McLaughlin.

Spine necklace designed by goldsmith Eero Hintsanen.

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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