such is the curse of the stars


the furtive heat of a constellation

is so sweetly misunderstood

a directional gazed upon

even marveled at 

in her divine nakedness

a fierce and beguiling force

writhes in the emptiness unexplored

yet somehow perfect

perfect in her unattainability

in her deep planetary moods

her inherent mysteries

in her destructive resplendence

in her dangerous undertows

she quietly aches

drenched in radiation

she contemplates

the impossibilities of desire

the imprisonment of gravity

the gluttony of estranged galaxies

when should heaven’s vault unseal itself?

shall her wanton stars ever be accounted for

even reveled in?

does a lonely astronomer dare to drown

with the gravitational’s inside her?

has he the remedy

for these desperate beckonings?

he might (truthfully) burn alive

giving names to her nova’s

savoring the taste

 of her magnetic fields 

and what if her celestial expanses 

beg for him to stay?

what of the urge

for his hands to sail

across the moist contours 

of her unpredictable atmospheres

what if his desolate canyons

should hungrily kiss her sunsets?

there, and there

again, and again

(and again)

like impatient, ancient ships

inevitably sinking

like teeth into skin 

where cravings hang

as jewels on dainty pendants

adorning her gorgeous horizons

such is the curse of the stars

and their terrible longings 

they remain inevitable in a noxious void


she remains restless for discovery

for his effortless symmetry

continually unimpressed by the vast divide

she weeps comets

so resumes the frenzy of wolves

calling to the vulnerable moon

a repertoire of surrender

insatiable, sacrificial

in the absence of sanity

a. duncan, 2018


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

25 thoughts on “such is the curse of the stars

    1. Oh Mary. This is such incredible feedback. I’m very humbled. Thank you, for experiencing this poem and for showing me through this response that you not only read it, you felt it… xo!


    1. Honestly I’m humbled by your saying that because I feel like your writing has *such* an exceptional and organic rhythm. Non-intimidating but still intellectual. Authentic. Your rhyming skills far exceed my own.


      1. I cheat a little to be honest with you. When I’m feeling stuck or out of ideas I go to RhymeZone.

        And then I edit them all about 6 times before publishing because I’m an anal perfectionist.

        Sometimes I think poetry which is overdone with metaphors loses its meaning. So I make my stories the priority. The upside to that is it also is accepted by a larger audience. Each to their own.

        I sincerely like your poetries and think you do exceptional work, and you’re sweet and stunning. So 🤷‍♂️

        Thank you for all of your compliments!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Okay I got that out of my system. So listen. (APRIL STOP) lol…

        You flatter me. And it’s nice because I sense we share a lot of the same ideologies and approaches to writing. I love meeting writers like you. I can already sense you will be a great source of inspiration and friendship to me in the future. hopefully vise versa.

        I refuse to use any formal poetic structure. I’m free verse ride till I die. Occasionally you’ll see rhyming schemes and measured stanza’s from me but it’s exceedingly rare.

        Forcing myself to adhere to formulas and pre-established rules about meter, form and counting syllables is just far too mathematical. It slaughters my creativity. And isn’t that the antithesis of what we’re trying to achieve?


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