friend or foe

oh, darling i need you 

like a knife at a gun fight

like a leash on a wild dog

like a dead canary in a coal mine

you are as impulsive 

as a sans parachute skydive

as unattainable as immortality

and sincere apologies

a feral parallel 

a patriot armed with flattery

trespassing on holy ground

presenting me with fragrant peonies

stolen from heart’s own sacred gardens

quietly eyeing me with the predation

of a wolf wearing all white

while painting my roses red

flirting with empty sincerity

daring me to trust a thief

with a self imposed smile 

that reminds me of a sunrise

or an unexpected mutiny

all the while unaware, foolishly

of my immunity to deception’s savagery

oh, darling stay

warm yourself from the burning

of red flags and self respect

take refuge in my temple

quench your thirst

from my mind’s bottomless well

and bask in the temporary asylum

for I, too

can feign sovereignty 

with the enemy

a. duncan, 2018

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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