anonymous alliteration


this bores me, to literal tears

perpetual discussions, monotonous monologues

paralysis and polarities, dubious tendencies

the hypothetical hindrances, tangled tangents

metaphorically maddening, relentlessly rhetorical

unceremoniously subconscious, lamenting the laborious

dispositions of literature, the ire of intimacies

waxing poetic clinically, with narcoleptic narcissism

half assed heresies, here and there

(sometimes it’s so hard to care)

but he’s pretty, to the point

that pretending feels paramount, temporarily

so I tend to tolerate, as the endless analysis

persists, he complains about consequences

flirts with subjects, he doesn’t find flattering

while analyzing himself, to literal death

a. duncan, 2018

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

34 thoughts on “anonymous alliteration

  1. You’re the first person besides myself I’ve seen on here. I think more people should do it but no one gives a shit about rhythm or tone of poems anymore. Just minimalistic, weak nothings that pander to pretentious youth and mislead them away from real poetry. I enjoyed the performance of the poem. I often use a poetic prose proudly parading pompous pageantry and pontificates to peasants and plebeian “peers” (peers is a pleasantry, a panache for polite pleasant people more prey than predator). Please profess a proclivity for playful peeks and pushes around the pretentious poet’s pocket guide! Perform with me a play, purely theatre it surely shall be. Put on a persona of a pathetic puppet, poor scholars of trivia. Plot and plan with me to pillage the pedestal perched upon it the pages of poet periodicals that praise our potential poesy polishing, prematurely published vermin kin. Preach with me, “praise purple prose or prepare a pocket of posies! The plague is a parasite of profound appetite for the puny punks, perversions of pests. Pray I don’t draw from my holster my pen and fire point-blank at the paper target of the impossibly high price for poor poets can’t pay, then we party, put on a parade of peacocky, pour drinks and propagate our prophetic prowess, perpetually.

    I sometimes use alliteration too. I’m a bit of an abecedarian colloquial refered to as asshole. Pleasure!

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      1. I have to disagree. I am an absolute advocate for sleep articulation. I do some of my best pondering when I’m slumbering. Besides. The “awake” thinking you’re doing right now is tainted by your minds own exhaustion.


      2. I know that. Of course you can’t control a disease. But you can choose to lie down, put on soothing music and close your eyes. It may not allow you actual sleep – but you get to decide if you want to rest. I have a very nurturing soul and I hate to think of how tired you must feel. I’m also a complete and utter lunatic when I’m deprived of sleep. It’s actually semi-terrifying for me to go long periods without some form of rest. So I’m just trying to encourage you to seek that. That’s all.


      3. You’re not, actually. You’re intelligent to the point that it feels like madness. And the illness obscures that, too. I can’t think of a single artist, poet, musician who didn’t have an element of what others might consider “lunacy”. Brilliance has consequences 😉


      4. Your unique thinking is still there when you aren’t psychotic. It just isnt as loud or vibrant. There are ways to get in touch with it that don’t involve anxiety and auditory/visual hallucinations.


      1. I was about to until some “psychic” people started eerily paying attention to me and liked everytime I mentioned them using parlour tricks and exploiting people and such and then more. Then I asked one if they’re passively trolling me and said it’s provoking a schizophrenic episode. I’m still trying to relax.

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      2. Just tell them you’re a descendant of Houdini.. that should scare them off back to their gypsy wagon. The sleep deprivation is what has your anxiety peaking. Put on “pyramid song”, close your eyes and give yourself permission to dream.


      3. Oh you are? Does that mean you can make me levitate? I’ve always wanted to levitate. The psychic in the trailer down the road with the flickering neon “palm reader” sign said she could do it – but she wanted my credit card info first 😂


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