invasive species

a melancholy moss climbs

the vulnerable walls

of my humid heart

each hollow beat

nourishing a coup détat


forlorn sort of foliage

unwanted yet unavoidable

crawling up my veins

as if

deluged storm drains

crowding the cracks

that once gave light

permission to enter

asphyxiating reconciliation

with consequential perfection


invasive species of sorrow

encouraged by the fallacy

that love is anything

but war

that desertion has virtue

and emotion

should be withheld

a. duncan, 2018





Featured artwork:

– “Little Prince and Moss People:” Kim Simonsson at Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki
– Fred Tomaselli : Bouquet – Salle VII – Le Mythe de la fleur de van
– Gel Pen Drawings by Magdalena Korzeniewska

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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